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   Chapter 1135 Develop Vigorously

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Upon the reconstruction of the plant, Charles immediately got down to making preparations for production.

He contacted the recruitment agencies which maintained sound cooperation with the Mu's Group.

In a few days, these agencies managed to poach a few capable senior management talents from some other enterprises and then assigned them to manage the plant.

Charles gave this subsidiary of the Mu's Group a name which sounded intuitive, resounding, and international—Global Universal Energy.

As the Mu's Group set up more and more subsidiaries, Charles had to deal with more and more matters.

Every day, he had his plate full with business affairs. At times, he missed the relaxed and happy days he had had when the romance between Linda and him had been in its budding stage.

At that time, he had only spent a few hours in front of his computer every day. He had had a lot of free time for talking to Linda or taking a stroll with her.

But now, he was so busy with work every day that he could seldom spare time to keep Linda company.

Charles always felt very sorry toward Linda every time he thought about this, as he thought that he should be spending more personal time with Linda.

Wiseman was busy too. He had just been assigned a new task by Charles, and now, it was the most critical time for him to fulfill the task.

Since the Mu's Group purchased the technology for producing compound oil from the scientific research group, Wiseman had been dispatched by Charles to the financial department to assist with stock market operations.

A month had passed since then. Since Wiseman had already spent such a long time in stock market operations, Charles put aside all his other business affairs for now and came to Wiseman's office with a hopeful expression on his face.

He badly wished to know how many achievements Wiseman had made in the stock market operations.

As usual, Wiseman didn't disappoint Charles. The stock that Wiseman had selected for investment and stock market operations had originally been sold at 21 dollars per share.

In the beginning, Wiseman had planned to buy the stocks after manipulating the stock market to promote a drop in the stock price. But to his surprise, the price of the stocks had declined dramatically on their own all of a sudden for a few consecutive days.

This had pleased Wiseman. Since the stock price had decreased on its own, Wiseman hadn't had to do anything to drive the price down.

When the stock price had finally declined to 14 dollars per share, he had bought the stocks in large quantities.

Afterward, he had repeatedly spread favorable news about the stock he owned so that the price would increase. Then, he had sold them at a high price.

Therefore, Wiseman had earned considerably from his stock market operations.

"Well done, Wiseman!" Charles, who was standing behind Wiseman and looking at the data on his computer screen, couldn't help praising him.

Wiseman was shocked to hear Charles's voice. He had been so focused on his work that he hadn't noticed Charles enterin

cerns among the public and stirred up controversies.

In fact, similar compound oil products had already been available in the market. However, those products differed a lot from traditional petrol and diesel when it came to performance because of technological differences.

Hence, most consumers weren't willing to purchase them.

However, the compound oil manufactured by Global Universal Energy was almost the same as traditional petrol and diesel in terms of performance.

It could not only be used separately, but could also be used in combination with traditional finished oil without impacting its performance.

In particular, what attracted consumers the most was the price of Oil King. This product was sold at just 70% of the price of traditional finished oil.

Thus, it gained great popularity among consumers.

In addition, the price of crude oil had been kept high, so Oil King was in short supply.

Ever since Oil King was put into production, Global Universal Energy had earned more than 20 million dollars.

By now, it had received many big orders and it seemed that it would have to expand its production plant in the future. Once that happened, its yield would be increased and the company would make more considerable profits.

Because of tremendous social and economic effects, Global Universal Energy had met the predetermined sales targets very soon after it started the production of the compound oil.

On top of that, it exceeded the sales targets by almost threefold.

Charles, who had been always able to maintain his composure under all situations, couldn't help dancing with joy for having achieved such a high profit.

Harvey was also extremely excited to hear the news.

Right after he was informed about the good sales performances, he evaluated Global Universal Energy as an Advanced Enterprise and honored Charles as Outstanding Entrepreneur.

It could be said that the Mu's Group was developing vigorously in all of its businesses. However, under wraps, something bad was brewing for Charles.

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