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   Chapter 1134 Dare Not Walk Through The Streets

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 11553

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Recently, Charles had gained a following. Every time he walked through the streets, he was always followed closely by a group of fans. As a result, he was now afraid of showing up in public spaces.

Charles and Linda really didn't know whether to cry or laugh at that.

Thankfully, this worked out for Charles. He was either staying with his family at home or concentrating on his businesses in his office lately.

Not long ago, the Mu's Group had undertaken the "Single-family Villa I" project and earned an enormous amount of profit from it. Now, Charles decided to undertake and develop another big project.

Knowing that Charles was going to commence another large-scale project, Harvey Jiang, the vice mayor of the city who was also in charge of overseeing the economic activities in the area, called Charles and made an appointment with him.

Although Charles didn't quite like dealing with government officials, he went to meet him, in consideration that Harvey Jiang was the vice mayor of the city.

At the moment, the two of them were sitting inside a luxurious tea house. Harvey Jiang asked his staff to reserve a private room where he could privately talk to Charles while drinking tea.

"Charles, I've heard that you've undertaken a big project again, is that true?" Harvey Jiang finally cut straight to the point after casually chatting with each other for a while.

He barely managed to hold off his excitement because he was greatly interested in Charles's new project.

"Yes, I have. Now, I intend to invest three hundred million dollars in building a big factory," Charles replied frankly. So far, he had successfully bought the technology to produce the compound oil from the scientific research group.

For the production of the compound oil, what Charles had to do now was to build a plant. At this stage, he was still looking for a viable construction site

Now that Harvey Jiang had asked him about the project, Charles immediately understood what his intentions were. Sensing this, he saw an opportunity.

With a smile, Charles responded, "As you've thought, I want to implement the project in this city. I have been looking for a suitable plot, but I haven't found one yet."

From Charles's words, Harvey Jiang confirmed the news that he had heard from his intelligence staff that Charles would invest in a big project in this city.

With a bright smile, he replied, "Charles, we've known each other for such a long time. You can tell me whenever you experience any difficulties. Don't you treat me as your friend? Have you forgotten that I am the vice mayor who is in charge of the economic activities of this city?

Perhaps I can't give you any favor in areas outside my scope, but it is easy for me to find a vacant plot for you to implement the project."

"Oh?" Charles briefly questioned as he took a sip of the tea in front of him. Shortly, he added, "I am so glad to hear this. I would like to know the details."

Seeing Charles who responded positively to his suggestion, Harvey Jiang added, "There is a big steel plant in the suburb area of our city. I think you know about that, don't you?"

Charles nodded in acknowledgement before he responded, "Yes, I do. I've also done a survey on that plot during site selection.

I've found that the plant there has suspended its production for two years, hasn't it?"

With the mention of the plant, Charles paused all of a sudden. A realization sudde

fter taking over the plant, Charles would have to buy insurances for the workers of the steel plant.

In addition, he would pay for the settlements of the workers.

Charles readily agreed to the conditions. The fixed assets of the steel plant were worth more than 100 million dollars, and even with the additional conditions, the deal would still work to Charles's favor.

Some of the equipment in the plant was still useful. Hence, the actual value of the steel plant was as high as 120 million dollars at least. Unfortunately, the plant still owed over 800 million dollars to banks, and a group of workers had been stirring up troubles.

Because of these issues, many companies did not dare to take over this steel plant.

Right after the takeover, Charles started looking for contractors to reconstruct the plant.

In the meantime, he resolved the issue of the workers. He treated the troublemakers kindly and politely. He not only bought insurances for them, but also promised to them that they would be re-employed in the plant if they wished.

If not, on top of giving them their salaries that the steel plant owed them, Charles would also provide them with a termination fee for the end of the contract and a separation pay.

At last, Charles had resolved all the problems of the steel plant peacefully.

Unexpectedly, he had solved all the problems easily using money. Having received all their overdue salaries, the workers no longer complained or stirred up more troubles.

Now that Charles had filed for their insurances and had offered them jobs, they were immediately freed from their worries about their future living. Charles was able to deal with the problems smoothly because he incorporated the standpoint of the workers into the decision-making process.

Unexpectedly, very few workers decided to leave the plant.

Even the workers who had led their colleagues in stirring up troubles chose to continue working in the plant.

From Charles's perspective, the workers saw the plant as their home.

Charles was so moved that he doubled the pay of all the workers who chose to stay in the plant.

When the workers heard that Charles would increase their pay if they stayed, they became more determined to stay in the plant. They were devoted to work for Charles.

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