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   Chapter 1133 She Is My Wife

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7748

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When he heard Linda's reply, the journalist was stunned and stood there without knowing what to say.

Charles couldn't help but laugh aloud. Linda rolled her eyes at him and laughed too.

Then Charles spotted Marcus Zhu in the crowd approaching him, with a glass in his hand. So he stepped forward to greet Marcus.

Linda followed Charles. She left the journalist behind standing there, scratching his head and feeling embarrassed.

The director and Marcus were good friends, so he joined Charles, Linda, and Marcus. They all walked together, chatting.

After Charles had made a toast with Marcus, he said to him, "Professor Zhu, you have done me a great favor. We appreciate your effort very much!"

Marcus replied with a sincere smile, "Don't mention it. I just did what I promised you.

Ha-ha, it's my job to do that."

As they were walking, the director suddenly noticed Linda and his face lit up. He turned to Charles and asked, "Mr. Mu, who is this pretty lady? She has the potential to be a movie star.

I'm serious!"

Charles chuckled and answered, "Yes, you're right. You also have a sharp eye, just like that journalist.

This is my wife, Linda Xia. She's in charge of the Char-Lin Film and TV Department. Linda's the one who's planning to make the movie."

"Good! Very good!"

The director looked at Linda from head to toe in surprise. He then said with great enthusiasm, "You're Mr. Mu's wife!

You're gorgeous and very sophisticated. Ms. Xia, would you be interested in playing a part in the movie?"

Linda reacted to his proposal calmly, "Me? But I've never learned the skill of acting.

I'm worried that I'd mess it up."

The director shook his hand and replied with a smile, "I don't believe that to be true. Ms. Xia, you're smart and elegant, with a pretty face.

You could be the highlight in the movie."

Linda glanced across at Charles, as if she was looking for his approval. He nodded his head to encourage her.

She accepted the director's offer, then leaned slightly forward and said, "Thank you for giving me such an opportunity."

While Linda and the director were talking, Charles had been conversing with Marcus. Charles didn't mind what role Linda would play in the movie.

He always supported his wife whatever her decision was.

At that moment, tw

remendous charisma and stage presence.

Pictures of Charles and the others were splashed across the front pages of all the newspapers and magazines.

He had become even more famous now. Charles was already well known in the business field. Now it was the same in the entertainment industry.

Not everyone had the means nor the courage to make their first movie and invest more than one hundred million dollars.

Now that even more people knew about Charles, silly stories started to circulate.

Many people started to guess Charles' net worth and how wealthy the Mu Clan was.

All kinds of weird and wonderful rumors began spreading, which Charles could do nothing about.

The entertainment industry was really different. Anyone who was involved in this industry would easily become the target of gossip.

But for those who had a clear idea in their head, they knew very well that Charles had accumulated incredible wealth mainly through his own efforts and abilities.

Then after he married Linda, he had gained support from his wife. They worked together to develop the Mu's Group all by themselves.

They worked very hard. Step by step, together they had made a business miracle.

Of course, Charles didn't pay any attention to fame. However, the journalists were flooding into the office building of the Mu's Group.

Feeling overwhelmed, Charles had to refuse all the journalists' interview requests.

Otherwise, all his time would be spent on answering their questions, and he wouldn't have any time to do his work.

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