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   Chapter 1132 We Are Husband And Wife

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7278

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The compound oil project Wiseman had mentioned previously, had not been bought by anyone else.

Since Wiseman offered a high price for it, the two sides had reached an agreement soon. So Charles didn't need to attend the negotiation.

Charles trusted Wiseman completely.

Although it cost eighty million to buy the development rights for this project, Charles believed the project would have a promising future. It would surely bring him several times the cost that he had invested.

The most important thing about successfully obtaining such a project was to be well informed. Wiseman was the first one to contact the representative of that company.

If others had known about it, the project would have been bought already by some other company.

How else could Charles have had such a wonderful opportunity? So it was imperative to research for information.

Of course, a bit of good luck was also needed.

Whenever Charles was busy with work, time seemed to fly quickly. Soon one week had already passed.

Linda had made an agreement with some big movie stars.

As for smaller character roles that would be in the film, that wasn't as important. She chose some by audition from film academies.

Now that Charles was going to make a big-budget movie, Linda and the members of the Char-Lin Film and TV Department had decided, after discussion, that they needed to make some voices for the new movie.

So at the opening ceremony, before they started making the movie, they held a press conference.

Charles didn't like to attend these sort of functions. However, as the CEO of the Mu's Group, he couldn't avoid it.

During the press conference, there were lots of camera flashes, which had almost blinded Charles.

Of course, it wasn't Charles' first time to experience this. He could deal with it calmly.

With a smile on his face, Charles conducted himself well, greeting each of the guests graciously.

The male lead in the movie was played by the movie star, Gale Fang, who was famous in the world for his martial arts skills.

Whereas the female lead was played by Patty Yang, a popular and pretty actress.

Furthermore, the famous sexual

uced myself a moment ago. I'm Linda Xia."

"I see. You're gorgeous. You're as pretty as the heroine in the movie. If you're not playing that role, it's a real pity.

" the journalist flattered her.

What he said had pleased Linda. She turned her head and glanced at Charles, then said, "I'm not an actress. If I were, the Boss would be mad!"

The journalist pricked his ears up to the news as he read something from Linda's eyes.

He believed there must be some relationship going on between this Linda girl and Charles.

The journalist knew that being as wealthy as the Mu's Group, it would be easy to get a popular actress in.

He suspected that Linda might be a superstar in the future.

If he could find some news from her and some juicy gossip, it would be an excellent opportunity for him to become famous.

If Charles and Linda knew what was going through the journalist's mind, they would have laughed aloud.

The journalist was determined to find out some exclusive news. He asked Linda a series of questions that weren't as important.

To be courteous, Linda answered all of the questions.

He saw that Linda wasn't alerted to him, so he began to put forward some private ones.

"Miss Xia, may I know what the relationship is between you and Mr. Mu?"

Linda had enough of the pestering journalist and didn't want to answer any more of his questions. So she said with a serious expression, "We're husband and wife!"

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