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   Chapter 1131 Signing The Contract

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7773

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Charles had been hit on the head with a rod, leaving him with a six-centimeter-long wound. Although the bleeding had been stopped, his hair and his blood were stuck together. Finding it difficult to bind up the wound, the doctor had to cut off the hair near the wound. After closing the wound with a few stitches, the doctor wrapped a large piece of gauze around Charles's head.

Looking at his own image in the mirror, Charles smiled helplessly. 'How do I go home? Linda and the children will be scared if they see me like this.'

Once his head was bandaged, Charles hurried to the police station with Dragon. When they arrived there, they were asked to give a statement. By the time Charles got home, he was very tired.

Seeing that Charles had finally come home safe and sound, Linda rushed to him and threw herself into his arms. After a moment, she broke free from his embrace. Beating his chest with her little fists, she said in a complaining tone, "Do you know how worried I was about you? If something happened to you, I wouldn't want to live. I was so worried about you that I couldn't sleep all night!"

Seeing Linda with tears in her eyes, Charles felt sorry for her. He gave her another hug, this time holding her tight enough that she couldn't break free. When she calmed down, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

The next day, Charles went to the company with the bandage around his head. Wiseman was startled to see him so badly hurt and asked in a caring tone, "Mr. Mu, what happened to you? Yesterday, Linda called me and asked if you had left the company. She was wondering if you'd gotten into some trouble on the way."

Thinking of the kidnappers who had called the police to catch themselves, Charles smiled bitterly. "It's nothing. It's just... I got drunk and accidentally hit my head."

Charles didn't want to tell the truth. He thought that it was a disgrace to be taken away by kidnappers, so he covered up the truth with a clumsy excuse.

"You're so careless! Is it anything serious?"

Hedy said tenderly as she walked into the office. As Charles's secretary, she had always been concerned about his safety. Seeing the caring look on her face, Charles was touched. With a smile, he said, "I'm all right. If it was something serious, how could I be standing here talking to you? Anyw

iately recommended this book to the staff at Char-Lin Film and TV Department. Everyone liked the book and thought that adapting it into a film was a good idea, so they decided to start from this novel.

Now that the script had been found, Charles just needed to act as a manager and give guidance to the staff members. Mason immediately contacted the author of the novel and bought the film rights to it. Then, he invited a very influential scriptwriter to adapt it into a screenplay.

The next step was to find a really influential director. With Marcus's introduction, Charles invited a famous director from Hong Kong to join Char-Lin Film and TV Department. After reading the script, the director thought that it was a great idea. He then formally signed a cooperation contract with TC Film Corporation.

Linda had also been doing a good job at Char-Lin Film and TV Department for the past few months. She had given full play to her management skills. Although Ethan was now serving as the general manager of the department, he often praised Linda for giving useful suggestions, and this made Charles feel very pleased. As Linda's husband, Charles was happy that he had such a competent wife.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door to Charles's office. With a bright smile, Wiseman rushed in and said excitedly, "Mr. Mu, I have good news to tell you! I'm sure you will be glad to hear it! The compound oil project I've been following has basically been settled. We can sign the contract with the company after you give your approval."

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