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   Chapter 1129 The Tough Guy

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8555

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"Chester, this guy seemed tough before. But after we threatened and beat him, he changed a lot.

I think tomorrow morning he'll give in and tell us the password."

Charles didn't expect that the short man was not their leader, but someone else outside.

He felt relieved that he didn't take any reckless action a moment ago. Otherwise, it could have proved dangerous to him.

"Well, this guy is really important. Don't get relieved too early.

Watch him carefully and no error is allowed!"

Charles concentrated hard and tried to remember if he had ever offended a man by the name of Chester before. But he came up with nothing.

'Could it be, that this gang is just a bunch of common kidnappers and they merely do it for money?' Charles thought to himself. Then Charles moved his attention to the men talking among themselves outside the room.

"Chester, this guy seems really rich. We can obtain a great sum of money from the bank cards of his, right?"

"You fools! Didn't you ask him how much money was in his account? If there's only about two hundred thousand, it's not worth it for us to take a risk like this.

If he doesn't have much money, then get him to call his family or friends to ask for more! You're really stupid!

Do you need me to teach you how to do this?"

Upon hearing their conversation, Charles confirmed that these guys were in the hope of getting money.

It was evident that Ronald didn't send them. Otherwise, they would've been more professional and not that stupid.

Charles heard the sound of footsteps heading his way again. Then the four men barged back into the room where he was being held.

Charles sat back on where he had been and feigned a frightened look. "What...what are you going to do? Didn't I already say that I would tell you the password tomorrow?"

"I'm not going to do anything. I just want to ask you how much money you have in your account?" the short man said

while squatting in front of Charles once again.

"Well, actually I don't know the exact amount either. But at least...ten million," Charles answered, pretending not to know how much money was in that account.

If he said a sum that was way more than they expected, they would probably doubt it. If he said an insufficient amount, then it may have angered them. Charles was afraid to cause some other problems for himself. So he didn't' give them the exact number.

"What? At least ten million?"

the four men exclaimed in unison. Unable to hide their emotions.

All of them gaped at Charles with their eyes w

btain such a large sum of money tomorrow. How will we spend it?"

After they were told that there was at least ten million in Charles' account, they had been overwhelmed by the news.

They failed to realize that even if Charles told them the password, they wouldn't be able to withdraw such a large sum of money on short notice.

"How daft are you?

When I get my money, I'm gonna find a pretty girl and go wherever I like and do whatever I want!" another man said.

"Ha-ha! I can't wait to see whether the widow, Sheila, will dare let me out of her sight when I have a lot of money!" another one commented.

"You're so stupid. Now that you're rich enough, why would you want to stay with that widow! You're such a coward!"

While they joked and mocked each other, enjoying their beautiful dreams, Charles suddenly heard a loud noise coming from outside his room. It sounded as if they were being attacked and people fighting.

The five men could be heard crying out in pain and had obviously been injured badly. But the whole counter-attack only lasted for less than a minute.

Suddenly Charles heard Dragon's voice, "Where are you holding him? You scum!"

Chester replied feebly, "Please forgive me. He is in the room! Aargh!" Just after he finished talking, Dragon must have hurt him, and he shrieked in pain.

Dragon pushed open the iron door to the room where Charles was being kept and rushed in. "Young Master, I'm sorry I didn't come earlier."

When he saw Charles be tied up but not seriously hurt, Dragon was relieved.

He released Charles immediately and passed him his cell phone. "Young Master, please call Lady Linda. She has been waiting to hear some news from you."

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