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   Chapter 1128 Grateful

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10130

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The thin and short man, who seemed to be the leader of the gang, squatted down and grabbed Charles's face on his right hand as he said, "Boss, just now, we searched your body and found some cash.

We've taken all the cash away, but it is so little that it is not enough for us to share. Besides..."

The short man pulled out two ATM cards from his pocket. Grinning, he showed it to Charles and excitedly, he added, "We also found these two ATM cards while searching your body. Boss, please tell us your security codes.

Then, please wait for us here, and we will let go of you after we get the money."

Of course, Charles was not foolish enough to tell them the security codes just because they ordered him to.

Smiling, Charles tried to convince the short man, "Don't say that. I have taken more than 10, 000 dollars with me in cash. You've taken all my cash away. But let me tell you this—you will not be able to get the money even if I tell you the security codes of the ATM cards."

As soon as Charles finished his words, he was suddenly struck by a sharp pain in his abdomen. One of the muscular men fiercely kicked Charles on his stomach.

As a result, Charles fell to the floor. He felt so much pain that he curled up on the floor and couldn't sit upright. For a brief moment, he lost his composure as he groaned in pain.

"You don't have to be such a smart aleck. Let me warn you. Tell me the security codes, or else, you will suffer the consequences," the muscular man yelled at Charles after kicking him.

He was very much infuriated by Charles who was trying every means to fool them.

After hearing the muscular man threaten Charles, the short man tried to lighten the mood through teasing, "Don't be so rude. The boss is a man with high social status.

Let's talk with him for some more. I believe that he will surely tell us the security codes."

Meanwhile, Charles was seething with anger. He had been kicked by the muscular man so ruthlessly that he was still out of breath from the pain.

Fortunately, he had been practicing his fighting skills. With the right timing, he would be able to defeat two or three of the men alone.

Unfortunately, both his hands and legs were tied. Thus, it was impossible for Charles to fight against them no matter how strong he was.

The short man continued to convince Charles, "Boss, look at these three men. All of them are rather hot-headed. I am afraid that even I couldn't stop them if you won't honestly tell us the security codes.

Then, in case that they become angry and violent, they would hurt you badly. At worst, they could break your body and render you disabled. In that case, it would be too late."

Charles stared at the muscular man who had just kicked him, gritting his teeth and spitting before he said, "Don't think you will get the security codes!"

With a nod, the short man responded, "Well, you are so stubborn. Now, there is nothing I can do. Guys, come and beat him."

Seeing the muscular man walking towards him, Charles g

or, Charles suddenly said, "Hey, buddies. I am really hungry and thirsty right now. Could you please give me something to eat and drink?"

After thinking it over for a little while, the short man winked at the muscular man before he turned back and said to Charles, "Let me warn you again. Don't try playing any tricks. We are in a suburban area now. And so, no one will hear you even if you scream.

We will keep a close watch on you outside. If you don't want to suffer any pain, just stay there quietly after eating and drinking."

"Sure! Sure, I will!" Charles struggled to sit upright and kept nodding as he replied to the short man.

Very soon, the muscular man came back with a bottle of mineral water and a box of food which he carelessly threw at Charles's feet.

"Hey, buddy. My hands are tied back, so I can't eat. Or do you want to feed me?" Charles complained helplessly while stretching his hands.

In fact, he hoped to seize this chance to persuade the strong man to have his hands untied.

"You son of a bitch. You are really a troublesome man. I should have given you a hard kick if you were useless to us." The muscular man abused Charles because he was very annoyed at catering to Charles's whim.

Feeling that he had no choice, he untied Charles's hands which were positioned at his back, and then tied them again in front of his chest, so that he could eat by himself.

Charles nodded at the muscular man to show that he was very grateful for his help. If anyone could see him now, they would say that he was really a good actor. Afterwards, the strong man left.

As he walked out of the big iron door, Charles heard a loud bang. The door was shut closed once again. At this moment, the room became very quiet again.

Charles slowly moved to the wall. Turning the side of his head towards the wall and pressing one of his ears against the wall, he tried listening to what the kidnappers were talking about outside.

After a few minutes, he heard some words from the kidnappers.

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