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   Chapter 1127 Let You Go

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6964

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Charles was very pleased that Char-Lin Film and TV Department had been set up.

He had just gotten off work and was driving home while playing some music in his car. In the last few days, preparations had been made for the new department. With the team members around to help, Charles didn't need to put in much effort. As long as Linda was there, he could put his mind at ease.

Just when he opened the car door and got out excitedly, something hit his head all of a sudden. He fell to the ground and passed out instantly.

Charles regained consciousness after a while, though he had no idea how much time had passed. His head was aching painfully. He tried to touch his head but found that his hands had been tied up so tightly that he couldn't even move them an inch.

He was astonished. He realized that he had probably been kidnapped. In the past, Linda had been kidnapped by Ronald, and now, Charles was the one who had been taken.

Charles couldn't move his legs or the rest of his body either. The only upside was that his eyes were not covered. His eyes quickly darted around in all directions.

He was in an old and shabby room. The room had a concrete floor, and there were no windows, only an iron door. This was obviously not a place to live in. In the corner, there were broken cartons and wine bottles. Charles guessed that he was in an abandoned storage room.

He listened carefully for traces of sound but heard nothing from outside. He tried to feel his body and found that he was okay except for the wound in his head. It seemed that the kidnappers hadn't caused him any further injury. And now that the blood had curdled on his face, he probably wouldn't bleed anymore. Charles estimated that he had been unconscious for quite a long time.

Realizing this, he became more worried. He had already gotten off work late today, and since he still hadn't gotten home, Linda must be extremely worried about him. He tried to think of a way to inform her of his situation.

But he could not find his phone. Charles didn't know what to do at this moment.


suspected that Ronald was the one behind this as well.

But the kidnappers seemed to be surprised when they heard Charles's words. "What else could we want? Everyone knows that Boss is leading a luxurious life and that the Mu's Group is very wealthy. We're short of money and hoped we could borrow some from you. What do you think?"

'Did I guess incorrectly?' Charles thought. Then, he answered out loud, "I'm supposed to believe that all you want is money? You have the guts to kidnap me!"

Charles had been in the business field for many years, so he remained brave even when facing such a dangerous situation. In fact, he was giving off a powerful aura.

The thin man laughed and said, "Boss, you really are powerful. Even though you're tied up with no way to escape, you still talk like this. I really admire you very much!"

"All right then. All you want is money, right? I can give you that. Then, let me go." Although Charles spoke in a tough way, he was still willing to offer them some money. This was his way of buying himself some time so that he could try to find an opportunity to escape.

"Let you go?"

As the thin man repeated Charles's words, the other three men behind him exchanged grim glances. Charles realized that they were probably planning to kill him after obtaining the money that they were asking for. At that moment, he was overwhelmed by fear.

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