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   Chapter 1126 Worries

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Deep in his mind, Charles hoped that Linda wouldn't feel too tired from work. Apart from work, Linda also had to take care of the children. Charles worried that Linda would be too toilsome, and he didn't want to bring her even more pressure.

However, the company's operations and management needed Linda's help. Besides, the film and TV department had just been set up, so it was short of hands for the time being. As a result, Linda's help was indispensable.

Upon hearing Charles's words full of concern for her, Linda fell silent for a moment before she understood his meaning and replied, "Charles, I know that you're worried about me, so am I. I feel so glad that I can share your worries."

Staring at Linda affectionately, Charles said, "Honey, I love you!"

Then they were suddenly interrupted by the sound of someone knocking at the door of Charles' office. Wiseman then came in with great excitement. Upon seeing that only Charles and Linda were in the office, he came straight to the point. "Boss, My Lady, after discussions with WSS, I've finally found a good project and want to talk to you about it."

Charles pointed to the sofa and motioned for Wiseman to take a seat before asking, "What project has made you so excited?"

"Well, previously, I became acquainted with a university professor through my secretary's introduction. His scientific research group has been studying a type of compound oil, which is better than other types of fuel oil. This type of compound oil is more or less the same as petrol and diesel oil. Also, it's made of some green and environment-friendly organic matter, with bright market prospects."

Both Charles and Linda listened attentively to him while Wiseman stated his idea thoroughly.

At present, crude oil was generally in short supply all over the world. China Petroleum Group was the most profitable enterprise in domestic market. If the Mu's Group could make some breakthrough in this field, it could stand to make an enormous amount of profit.

Charles showed great interest in the project after hearing Wiseman's introduction. So he questioned closely right away, "Then, can we acquire and own that technology?"

"Yes, we can!"

Wiseman gave Charles a definite answer. Then, he added, "I have been paying close attention to this project and often have talks with the professor via phone. His research group has just obtained the outcome, which hasn't passed the national certification yet. Now would be the ideal time for us to get in touch with them and buy their technology with a considerable amount of money. For the time being, their research outcome is still unknown to the outs

his speech, he cast a glance at the two men in front of him. He then threw a quick look at all the others sitting on the sofa.

The two men sitting in front of Charles had never expected that the man who had poached them was young and promising. He was even the CEO of the Mu's Group. Right after hearing Charles' question, Mason Zhang asked, "Boss, since we've come here, we have no choice but to work hard together. We only hope that you can offer us the salary and development space you've promised to us..."

Charles cracked a smile upon hearing his words. Soon, Linda took out two contracts and placed them down on the tea table in front of them. Afterward, she said, "This is the contract that our company has drafted. You can read it first."

The two of them eagerly began reading the contract carefully right away. They read all the clauses of the contract, word for word so that they wouldn't neglect any of the content, because that would decide upon their salaries.

A few minutes later, the two men raised their heads in succession. The expressions on their faces said it all. They were overwhelmed with great joy. Charles looked at them, smiling without saying anything.

The two men exchanged glances with Charles for a moment. Then, they both picked up a pen and signed the contract with great enthusiasm.

As soon as they signed the contract, Charles let out a chuckle and said, "Then, I hope that we can work together harmoniously!"

Now, all the posts of the new film and TV department had been filled. All the members of this department worked in TC Film Corporation. Since this was a new department, Charles thought he should give it a name. Glancing at Linda, he picked a pen up and named the department Char-Lin Film and TV Department.

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