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   Chapter 1125 Who Will Be In Charge Of This

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The next morning, Charles took Linda to visit Marcus again.

They talked with Marcus all morning. Although Charles was not familiar with the film industry, he had prepared well for this meeting. His speech and behavior showed that he was an experienced and knowledgeable person.

Marcus had originally thought that Charles was just a pretty face who had gotten to this position because of his family background, but after looking into the Mu's Group, he had learned that the group had prospered mainly through Charles and Linda's joint efforts and that Charles had made a great contribution to the family business. So now, he was looking at Charles with new eyes and had a good impression of him.

Marcus himself was, of course, worthy of being a professor at Capital Film Academy. He was so familiar with the film-television industry that Charles and Linda learned a lot from their conversation with him.

When it was time for lunch, Charles said to Marcus, "Professor Zhu, it was too late last night, so we didn't have time to invite you to dinner. But we'd like to have lunch with you today. I hope you won't refuse."

"I don't think we need to eat out. It's a waste of money and the food outside is not delicious," Marcus said, shaking his head. "I will ask my wife to cook lunch for us. Besides, I have a bottle of good wine here. We can drink freely."

"I'm sorry to bother you with my question. But it will be embarrassing for us to have lunch at your house when we just came here to visit you. Please accept our invitation instead," Charles said quickly.

Marcus smiled and said, "You're too kind. But to be honest, I really don't like eating out, so let's have lunch at my house. Make yourself at home."

Marcus deliberately shot Charles and Linda a serious look that made them feel like they couldn't refuse him again.

So, Charles nodded with a smile. Of course, he was very happy to hear Marcus say such words. Since Marcus was being so warm to Charles, it was likely that their cooperation would go smoothly in the future.

In this cheerful atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the delicious food. Marcus told Charles and Linda many funny stories about his students who were now key players in the film and television industry. Charles and Linda were shocked to hear such famous names.

Over the next few days, Charles began to frequently contact Ma

. Above all, Charles intended to ensure the smooth operation of the department before gradually recruiting excellent professional staff.

Days passed. The film and television department had been running for a week and everything was going steadily. The headhunting companies which had established a partnership with the Mu's Group had collected some information about talents for Charles. After some consideration, Charles finally selected a few people who he thought were competent and suitable for the job.

As for contacting them and negotiating with them, the headhunting companies would take care of that.

Linda was also very happy these days. The main affairs of the department had been settled smoothly. Once the professionals recruited by Charles arrived, the work of the whole department would be coordinated.

However, now, Charles was sitting listlessly on the sofa, furrowing his brows. Several times Linda wanted to ask him what had happened, but she did not. Then, finally, she couldn't control her curiosity. After handing Charles a glass of water, she asked softly, "Darling, the department has basically been set up, so why do you look a little upset? Is there anything else that you haven't considered?"

Charles looked up at Linda and immediately sat up straight. With a smile, he said, "It's nothing serious. I was just thinking about one thing. You've been helping me with the affairs of the film and television department, but you won't be able to do it all the time. Once you have something else to do, I don't know who will be in charge of this."

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