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   Chapter 1124 I Accept It

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Charles was stunned after hearing Rafaela's words. A bitter smile appeared on his face as he politely refused her, saying, "You know that we will go and meet some guests after dinner, Rafaela. Thus, it won't be good if I go there smelling like barbecue. Is there any other place you might want us to go? Moreover, is it be possible to invite the professor, Marcus Zhu, as well?"

Disappointment flooded Rafaela. However, her sullen look didn't last long and she shook her head. "I think it's not necessary to invite Professor Zhu. He isn't fond of eating outside. Otherwise, he wouldn't decide to meet you at his home. We can visit him after dinner. That would be fine with him," she said.

Charles originally thought of sending Linda home so she could rest after dinner. Little Tomato and Little Potato wouldn't sleep unless they listened to their mother's bedtime stories. However, Charles was worried to be alone with Rafaela too, considering how she looked at him just some minutes ago. Thus, to avoid any issues, he decided to bring Linda together with them.

Linda was a smart woman and was able to recognize the situation easily. However, she kept her mouth shut about it and still chatted with Rafaela on their way. She shared a lot of funny stories about how Charles was at home. Later, she also showed pictures of Little Tomato and Little Potato who were both very cute.

It was Linda's way to hint Rafaela of how happy she and Charles were as a couple. She could only hope for Rafaela to get what she meant.

Not wanting to smell like barbecue, Charles took Linda and Rafaela to a Japanese restaurant. Rafaela was also familiar with the place although she never got to come here due to the high price.

Since it was Charles who would be paying her dinner, Rafaela did not worry about the price and started to enjoy the food: salmon, Kobe Beef and tuna sushi. Rafaela had a big dinner and Charles couldn't help but laugh while watching her.

Still together, Charles, Linda, and Rafaela took a more than one hour drive to visit Marcus' house.

Marcus was at his fifties with a traditional

ionally. I think the box office totals shouldn't be bad."

Relief flooded Charles upon seeing Marcus' reaction. Thinking of striking the iron while it was still hot, Charles went on talking. "Rafaela told me that you enjoyed a high position in the movie industry. We are hoping that you can guide us."

"Haha..." Marcus glanced at Rafaela and answered with a laugh, "The girl was really boasting for me. I am good as a teacher. However, if you want to do the front line, I cannot bear it now. But I can give you some advice. If you don't think I talk too much, I am glad to help."

Charles felt elated with what Marcus had said. Thus, he offered, "Professor Zhu, I'm officially asking you to be the senior consultant of TC Film Corporation. Please don't refuse me!"

"All right, then. I accept it!"

Marcus agreed to help Charles due to the investment of 200 million. Moreover, Rafaela, who was just standing beside them, giving him a begging look. Marcus was very fond of his friend's daughter and felt compelled to agree with her.

Charles and Marcus had a long talk after that and Marcus couldn't deny how pleased he was with Charles. He was convinced that Charles was an outstanding young man with original thoughts. Thus, he ended up giving a lot of advice to Charles, who had learned a lot. After some time, Charles took Linda and Rafaela out as Marcus was aged and needed to have a rest.

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