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   Chapter 1123 Let Her Make The Choice

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9190

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Charles and Linda spent a very romantic night together. The two of them made love with each other several times before they hugged each other to sleep contentedly.

The next day, Charles and Linda went to the office very early in the morning. They spent the whole morning carefully studying how to build a film and television department inside the company.

The secretary saw them engrossed in their discussion and bought lunch for them. To engage in film production as they wished, Charles and Linda had almost overlooked hunger and rest.

During their discussion, Linda boldly put forward many of her personal ideas. At times, her opinions conflicted with Charles's and the two of them argued heatedly with each other. But after the arguments, both of them felt a little embarrassed and sorry for each other. The two of them just wanted to clear up all their doubts every time they encountered a problem.

Although Linda was his wife, Charles never rashly agreed with her opinions. Like him, Linda didn't have enough experience in film production. The consequences would be serious and unbearable if Charles recklessly took Linda's advice. Both of them considered that only if they corrected each other's mistakes from time to time could they avoid severe problems in post-production.

After all, neither of them was a professional in film production. Therefore, at last, both of them reached a consensus that they should find someone who was an expert in film production for advice.

At this moment, Charles suddenly thought of Rafaela, who had promised him that she would give him an answer today. Now, the time was past two o'clock in the afternoon, but Rafaela hadn't called Charles yet. Charles wondered if Rafaela had forgotten what he had told her to do because she was too busy with her work.

While Charles was lost in thought about the reason why Rafaela hadn't called him, his cell phone rang. The phone call was from Rafaela. Charles was in such a daze that he began talking on the phone without even picking it up from his office desk and answering the call. "Rafaela, have you gotten any news?"

Seeing that Linda was staring at him in astonishment, Charles finally realized his ridiculous mistake and felt embarrassed. He immediately picked up his cell phone and pressed the answer key.

Then, as he listened to the familiar voice on the other end of the line, he cracked an embarrassed smile at Linda. "Boss, I've contacted a professional for you. It is a professor from my school. I will take you to his house tonight."

Charles was overwhelmed with great joy upon hearing that and hurriedly asked, "Where does he live and how can I get in touch with him?"

"I'll visit him with you. This professor was my mentor whe

in the Directing Department of our school. I think he could help you a lot with building a film and television department."

Charles was ecstatic when he heard Rafaela's words, because it seemed that this professor was just the person he had been looking for. At last, he stood up from the chair in front of his office desk and slowly walked over to Rafaela. "Tell me more about him in detail. The better I know him, the higher the likelihood of me persuading him to help me."

Rafaela told Charles and Linda all that she knew about the professor. After hearing Rafaela's detailed description of the professor, Charles got very excited. Apparently, many students who had studied under this professor were well-known directors in the domestic film industry, so with this professor's help, Charles could get in touch with these directors to direct films for his company.

As soon as Rafaela finished her words, her stomach growled. Covering her belly with her hands in embarrassment, she said, "Boss, I'm so sorry. I was so engrossed with the task you assigned to me that I forgot to eat anything before I came here."

Charles laughed and patted himself on the forehead, feeling sorry. "That's right. It's already past lunchtime and it's all my fault. I kept asking you questions about the professor. Rafaela, what do you want to eat?"

"Well, it's all good with me. Boss, you just make the decision with Mrs. Mu!" Rafaela replied as she glanced at Linda.

"It doesn't matter. You choose. Charles and I can dine together anytime we wish. This time, you've done us a big favor and helped us get in touch with Professor Zhu. In return, please let us treat you," Linda said gracefully.

Since Charles and Linda insisted on letting her choose, Rafaela no longer declined but suggested frankly, "Let's go for a barbeque then!"

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