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   Chapter 1122 Tonight

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"Sweetheart, I know you will surely support me. But I still need you to analyze the feasibility," Charles said after kissing Linda back.

After a moment of hesitation, Linda said, "Actually, I'm not sure about it, either. I'm still new to this field. If another man wants to do it, I don't dare to predict the result. But if you go, I know that you'll definitely succeed!"

Hearing Linda's words, Charles laughed and touched Linda's head. "When did my wife learn to flatter me?"

With a serious expression on her face, Linda answered, "I'm not flattering you. Since I've been together with you for so long, I know your character and capability very well! You always prepare well before you take any action. Now that you have such a plan, I believe that you'll be successful this time!"

Charles laughed loudly. He knew that Linda loved him very much. They got what they owned now through their hard work. Success was always something one could achieve as long as he was well-prepared, spared no effort, and was ready to deal with everything flexibly.

"Since you've so much confidence in me, I'm going to expand TC Film's business and make a movie. But you've to give me a hand as I've no one else to help me now," Charles said with a laugh.

Linda nodded her head and replied in a flirtatious voice, "All right! Whatever you need, I will try my best to help you with it!"

Linda was also excited. Although she wasn't an avid fan of movie stars, she was still very curious about them like other women. Now that she would get the opportunity to rub shoulders with them, she looked forward to it.

Then, Charles and Linda got down to studying more about the film industry together.

There were so many things that they didn't know. After discussing it, they realized that there was a great deal of work waiting for them now. They wouldn't be able to do it all on their own. First, they needed to set up a team in TC Film and give each member a set of duties.

But where could they find such peo

to recommend someone to me now."

Rafaela realized what Charles had asked her to do and was embarrassed. She then said, "Boss, I'm sorry. I was too excited just now. I'll call my teachers as soon as possible and let you know the result by tomorrow night."

"All right. Thank you!" Charles was really grateful to Rafaela as she was trying to help as much as she could.

Then, he hung up the phone. Now, he had gotten a lead for his first step, and he hoped that everything after this would go just as smoothly. But he could accept and face anything no matter what he might encounter later. He had been in the business field for a long time, and he had already learned to keep cool when facing any success or failure.

Looking at his watch, Charles realized that it was late. Feeling sorry, he said to Linda, "Sweetheart, sorry to make you wait long. I'll treat you to a big dinner tonight to apologize to you!"

Linda shook her head and answered, "I don't want to have dinner outside. Do you really want to make an apology to me?"

Charles nodded his head and said yes repeatedly. Linda smiled and said, "Then you cook for me. Besides, I've some good news to tell you. My period was over. So tonight we can..."

As she spoke, she gently blew into Charles's ear. Charles gave her a knowing smile and kissed her on the forehead.

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