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   Chapter 1121 The Man I Love

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9409

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In each company, every department, team, and individual played their respective roles. A company was just like a high-grade sports car, which could run very fast and efficiently when all its parts were intact.

However, if any of the parts was missing, the performance would become weaker and the car would finally break down.

This was also true for an enterprise. Only if all the personnel, from the Chairman to the front-line salespeople, were all united could an enterprise become bigger and stronger.

Recently, the Nalan's Group hadn't made any big moves. To a certain extent, this worried Charles. He was afraid that Lenny was plotting something on the sly.

Since the Nalan's Group hadn't taken any action against the Mu's Group lately, that had offered the Mu's Group a golden chance to restore itself to the original status and achieve further development. In actuality, Charles had been looking for new areas to make profits. That day, Linda came to the Mu's Group to take some materials.

"Ms. Xia, you didn't need to come here to take the materials yourself. You only needed to call me and ask me to deliver the materials to you," Wiseman said in a friendly tone when he saw Linda.

"All of you are busy. So I decided to come here myself. Where's Charles?" Linda asked with a smile.

Wiseman pointed at the CEO's office and responded, "The boss is thinking over some issues inside his office. He told us not to interrupt him. Shall I go and tell him that you've come?"

Shaking her head, Linda replied, "It doesn't matter. Let's not disturb him. I'll just wait for him here."

Wiseman nodded in agreement without saying anything more. He then turned back and continued his discussion with the WSS members.

Without anything else to do, Linda listened to their discussions patiently. She found that Wiseman was talking with the WSS members about the subsequent strategic plans and which areas the Mu's Group should focus on in the future.

Shortly after Charles came out of the office, he wanted to discuss something with Wiseman. When he noticed Linda there, he blurted out in surprise, "Linda? Why are you here? Why didn't you come to my office to find me instead of standing there in a daze?"

"I just came here to see you because I miss you. But if I'm not welcome, I am leaving now!" Linda then feigned to turn around to leave. Charles quickly stopped her and replied, "Of course you're welcome here. I'm so glad that you've come. Come in my office. Coincidentally, I have something to discuss with you." As soon as Charles finished his words, he took Linda by the hand and went back to his office with Wiseman.

Wiseman poured a cup of tea for Charles and Linda respectively before he asked, "Boss, what do you want to discuss with me?"

Charles cast a glance at Wiseman befor

harles asked again.

"Well, I've never thought about that issue. But to the best of my knowledge, TC Film Corporation hasn't been fully prepared for producing a film right away. I think we have to make some more preparations prior to the film production."

After thinking about it for some more seconds, Charles replied, "That's simple. I'll talk to Joshua about my idea before deciding whether to put more investment in film production or not. Wiseman, you can go ahead with your job now."

It was in the afternoon when Wiseman left the office as Charles had ordered. He still had to handle some matters, while Linda stayed in the office with Charles.

Once Wiseman had left the office. Charles powered up his personal computer and scoured the internet on all materials about TV and film production companies. Then, he carefully reviewed the information.

After spending hours reviewing the materials, he had further comprehension about the film industry. As Linda had told him, the film industry was exposed to high risks, whereas substantial profits could be earned from a film if the box office performance was excellent. Some films and TV series were seldom played after they were produced. In that case, the producers would suffer a loss and gain no return from their investments.

While Charles had been attentively reviewing the materials in front of his personal computer, Linda had been sitting beside him. When Charles finished reviewing the materials, he turned to Linda to face her and asked in a gentle voice, "Honey, do you think I can do well in the film industry?"

With a sweet smile, Linda replied, "Honey, I trust you. Do it if you want to. Don't overthink. I'll unconditionally support all of your decisions, only because you are Charles, the man I love!"

As soon as Linda finished her words, she affectionately kissed Charles on the cheek.

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