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   Chapter 1120 Are You Okay

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7684

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"Are you okay?" Wiseman asked concernedly.

He looked at his secretary's tear-stained face and realized that she had cried just now.

As one of the major shareholders and the adviser of the Mu's Group, Wiseman could resolve various business problems. Nonetheless, he couldn't help but freak out a little right now because he didn't know his secretary. More so, he never had any girlfriends ever. He got no clue about what to say to comfort her and stop her from crying.

"Let's go. I want to leave this place," his secretary said before suddenly standing up. Without any more words, she turned and ran out of the bar.

Wiseman immediately stood up and waved at the waiter. "Waiter, can we get the check, please?" he loudly said.

His voice drew the attention of the woman and man sitting at the table next to them. He saw the man watching his secretary walk away with an odd look on his face. However, Wiseman just glanced at him meaningfully and left.

He went out of the bar and found that his secretary rode a cab to the hotel.

He immediately got a cab for himself and asked the driver to follow her. "Is everything okay?" Wiseman asked after knocking at the door gently. Getting no response, he grew a little worried. He tried to push the door forcefully in an attempt to break-in. However, the door opened by itself.

It seemed that his secretary entered the room in a rush and forgot to lock the door. He walked inside the room and heard the lady still crying. He felt how sad his secretary was. Thus, he decided not to bother her yet. Rather, he found himself waiting patiently for her in the living room.

The secretary was crying on the bed at that time when she heard sounds from the living room. Forcing herself to stop crying for a while, she moved out of her bedroom and went to the living room. She was still shaking and her face was swollen. It was obvious that she hadn't calmed down yet.

Wiseman's heart broke upon seeing his secretary's tears. He sat next to her and patted her shoulder gently. "It's okay. You should let go of the past and move on. You should never let it get in the way. Enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Everything will be okay, right?" he comforted her.

Surprised by what he said, the secretary slowly raised her head and lo

nd several taxes. A rotation like that cost a big amount of money. Thus, being a banker was not an easy thing. Most people who wanted to be the bankers needed to stake all their resources for it.

Wiseman was more energized and focused after falling in love with his secretary. He immediately threw his whole self into work as soon as he came back to the company.

The success in Hong Kong made him more confident. Moreover, Charles also raised his salary and provided a platform for him to show his talent and ability.

He worked very hard to prove himself and he promised not to let Charles down. Thus, he was back to looking for new targets to invest.

However, it wasn't easy for him to find new targets nowadays. The first issue was that the legal procedures were complicated in SH City. Second, it was difficult to keep the cash. It would be the Mu's Group to pay the legal price if their transactions encountered any issue. Charles would not allow such mistakes.

It was easier to make investments in Hong Kong because of the simpler procedures and relatively cheaper cost. Thus, Charles and Wiseman seized this opportunity to make a fortune from their stock market.

No one knew how hard they had worked to get such an operation ready. The work was not easier than that of acquisitions and mergers.

It was the main reason why WSS earned a big reward from Charles. If the WSS didn't make a successful evaluation and collect the details of the Redbud Company, Charles would not have earned the money so smoothly.

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