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   Chapter 1119 Too Ugly To Be Loved

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8061

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After returning to his room, Charles went to the washroom and freshened up. Once he came back, he turned to his laptop and started to make a video call with Linda.

During these few days in Hong Kong, Charles did this almost every day. He seemed to have gotten used to it. There was nothing that would stop him from communicating with his wife.

At that moment, Wiseman and the two secretaries were in Lan Kwai Fong. They had some wine and sat on the couch. Listening to pop music and being stimulated by the wine, they started to pour their hearts out.

"I really think Charles is a good boss. He is always kind to his employees and makes sure we are having a good time. Due to this, everyone is willing to work hard for him. He is much more capable than most of the big men I have seen! When I was just hired by the Mu's Group, I dared not expect to be the CEO's secretary. But now I have been his secretary for two years."

Charles's secretary was named Hedy Ho. As she sipped her wine, she started gushing about her boss.

"Hedy, you seem to think very highly of him. Is there a chance that you are expecting for something to happen between you and him? You shouldn't forget that our boss is married. Get your emotions under control!"

Wiseman's secretary pulled Hedy's legs, laughingly.

Hearing the conversation between the two girls, Wiseman seated himself on the couch comfortably, with his whole body almost buried in it. He was smiling as this conversation went on. He was in a good mood and couldn't help but feel proud of Charles and the Mu's Group.

"Charles is really different from other bosses. Some of them overburden their employees with work. I have seen many such awful bosses. They derive pleasure in bossing other people. This way, the employees' creativity and scoop for development are limited. Also, most bosses keep their employees at arm's distance. Even if the bosses try to reward their employees, they have a very professional relationship. They don't bother having a friendship with their employees."

Wiseman, having worked for the Mu's Group, could see how his work life was much better than a lot of other people he knew.

"Anyway, it pains me to see how tired our boss is. The Mu's Group has been attacked by some other people from different sides! Who knows what the Nalan Group's next move is? They are probably devising a new scheme to bring us down," Hedy sa

etary was very pretty. She had a youthful face which she maintained well with fine dress and makeup. Even though he had known her for a long time, he had never looked at her in this light before. He himself was stunned as he gazed at her without a blink. After a few seconds, he realized what he had done and held the glass before him, covering his embarrassment.

But the secretary did not have any reply to his behavior. Wiseman was a little puzzled and looked at the girl more carefully, finding that she was staring at someone beside their table. It seemed like her eyes couldn't see anything else.

On closer inspection, he realized she was anxious. Sometimes, there was a look of anger which was at times replaced with fascination. At last, hatred seemed to have overtaken her. The girl looked at the people beside her with gritted teeth. Her breath became shallow and quick as if she was trying to control herself emotionally.

Wiseman realized something was amiss. He followed his secretary's gaze and found a man and a woman sitting face to face. The man was in his thirties and looked kind of handsome. And the woman sitting in front of him was really charming. They were talking in low voices. It was obvious that they were lovers.

"Do you know them?" Wiseman asked, looking a little confused.

But his secretary did not reply since she hadn't heard him. She just sat there and continued to look at them.

Wiseman stretched his hand to push his secretary slightly. But his hand was grasped by her tightly. After a short while, her gaze shifted from the couple and went somewhere else.

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