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   Chapter 1118 Wiseman Was At A Loss

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Following Jerry, Charles revisited the company. After half a month, the company seemed to be getting much better.

"Boss, now all of the employees have focused on that large order. The whole company is in high spirits," Jerry said to Charles with pride. After all, he was the starter of the company.

Charles, of course, didn't tell Jerry that the order was made by someone he had arranged. He nodded to Jerry, showing that he was very satisfied with the company's performance.

While visiting the company, Charles held a shareholder's meeting. He declared his many changes and decisions there, such as launching a stock-market flotation.

The flotation could raise a considerable amount of money from the stock market. But the company wasn't short of funds now. If they launched a flotation, the equity of the shareholders would become less. So Jerry was feeling kind of worried when he heard Charles' decision.

After hesitating for a while, Jerry put forward his question to Charles, "Boss, do you merely want a 'back door listing' here by doing this?"

Charles smiled at him and replied, "You've known about this when you and I negotiated. Why are you asking me such a question now?"

"But ever since you joined our company, it has started to get better. Now if you step back, it'll be a big loss to the company," Jerry said with his eyebrows knitted tightly.

Charles smiled again and asked, "Will the company really lose much? Now you have an order of thirty million. Even if I left, the company would still run well. Plus, at the current stock price of the company, the worth of your stock shares has increased several times. You should know that."


Jerry became speechless. His stock shares had been worth about fifty million. Now it was worth almost as much as two hundred million! That was what Charles had benefited him.

If Jerry chose to step back at that moment, he could earn a great deal. After he started the company, he had worked for it for many years, and he wasn't willing to give it up, especially when Jerry saw a promising future for the company. He had to let the company be purchased by Charles previously. But now things seemed to have changed.

"Actually I am no

d punishment. And there will be no exception. So you must accept the reward. As per what it'll be, I'll talk to you after we go back. Tonight, whatever you buy, it's my treat. Let's celebrate our achievement in abandon!"

Hearing Charles' words, the two secretaries were the first to become excited. Although Charles was their boss and was always acting coldly, he never put on air. So they didn't have any pressure when communicating with him.

"I want to go to Lan Kwai Fong!" One of the secretaries raised her hands and waved excitedly.

"Great! I'll go there, as well!" the other secretary said, agreeing with her.

Charles shook his head and smiled helplessly. "Okay, you can go! Let Wiseman take you there. Enjoy yourselves! And it's on me!"

"How about you, Boss?" Wiseman asked.

Charles smiled sweetly and answered, "I'm not going anywhere else. I'm going to have a video chat with Linda. You go ahead without me and have fun."

"Thank you, Boss!" The secretaries were so excited that they almost couldn't control themselves and gave Charles a big hug. After they had all finished their dinner, Wiseman, along with the two secretaries left for Lan Kwai Fong. Before they left, Charles patted Wiseman on the shoulder and said, "I have created a wonderful opportunity for you. Don't hesitate to take it!"

Then he left and went back to his hotel with a mysterious smile on his face, leaving Wiseman standing there, at a loss and wondering what it could be.

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