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   Chapter 1117 You Have Spoiled Them

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7650

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For the past few days, Charles had been very busy. With Jerry's help, he was able to successfully take over Redbud Company.

Seeing that this new CEO took the company seriously, the workers saw hope and became excited. From an outsider's perspective at least, there was a sign of prosperity since the stock price of the company was going up.

That was only the first step for Charles. After the takeover, he immediately changed the company name. He announced to the public that the former Redbud Company was losing in sales and needed to change its name to have a fresh start.

Everything he did proved to be effective. The stock price of the company started to rise and reached a breakthrough of 25 dollars. As a result, Charles had successfully multiplied his profit.

On top of this, a big order was placed for the new Redbud Company. The order was priced at thirty million, and to a company that was only barely staying afloat for years, the deal was like a pie which fell from the sky. It was no surprise that the unexpected order had caused an uproar within the company.

When everything had settled down and returned to its normal state, Charles went back to the headquarters of the Mu's Group with Wiseman. He let Jerry manage the company in Hong Kong temporarily. Before leaving, Charles had implied to Jerry that the Mu's Group really wanted to expand business in the area.

The increased business of the company excited Jerry. He felt fortunate that Charles trusted him, so he started to manage the company more wholeheartedly.

Of course, Charles did that only to wait for the best chance to maximize his profit. If he had sold out his shares at this time, it would easily cause a panic among stock investors. Consequently, the stock price would go down dramatically. But if he sold out his shares when the company was revitalized, even if the share price were to go down, the panic it would cause would be insignificant.

Upon their arrival, Charles had asked Wiseman to drive him to the Mu Clan's private hospital. The first person he wanted to see was Linda who was almost fully recovered.

The couple had been separated for a long time, and their longing for each other was obvious. Charles suddenly enveloped the radiant Linda in his arms and the two shared a

still full after eating snacks. They hugged the dolls and chased each other in front of Charles and Linda. The sight of the two happy angels running happily brought a smile to both Charles and Linda.

"Little Potato, Little Tomato, don't run quickly. Be careful of the wet floor," Charles reminded the kids who were running here and there, with concern on his face.

After having dinner, the two kids insistently asked Charles to tell them a story. Charles agreed and opened the story book. His clear but gentle voice gave the story a deep feeling.

Charles and Linda finally put the children to sleep and then lay down on the bed. Linda took Charles' arm as her pillow and fell asleep happily.

Time passed quickly, and half a month had gone. The stock price of Redbud Company was steady at about thirty dollars, as Charles and Wiseman expected. Charles knew it was time to take action.

Charles and Wiseman flew to Hong Kong once more. Jerry came to pick them up and was more deferential towards Charles this time. In the past, when Charles had been preparing to purchase the company, they were still of equal status. However, now that Charles was the CEO and Jerry was the marketing director, Jerry had to be more mindful of his lower position.

Jerry also respected Wiseman. After they got in touch with each other, he had realized that Wiseman was good at management and felt that he was inferior to Wiseman.

Jerry bowed and said, "Boss, this way, please. Let me take you to visit the new Redbud Company."

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