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   Chapter 1116 I’m Sure The Company Will Be Revitalized

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Charles seemed to have found a clue from Jerry's casual words, but he didn't press Jerry for more information. He was afraid that Jerry would get nervous. As a veteran negotiator, he knew that Jerry's emotional changes would significantly affect the outcome of the negotiations.

At this point, Jerry looked at his watch and said, "It's been over an hour. No wonder I feel a little hungry. Why don't we take a break and continue with the negotiations later?"

Jerry winked at Charles while he said that. Charles understood what he meant and followed him out. Wiseman was about to follow them out as well, but Charles stopped him. He motioned for Wiseman to stay in the conference room and communicate further with the other shareholders.

Jerry stood by a window in the corridor. With a helpless look, he gazed out the window at the bustling scene of Hong Kong. "Mr. Mu, you had mentioned Ronald just now. I believe you must have heard something about his relationship with our company. Let me be clear with you. He and I are just trading partners and nothing more. We only traded once."

One of the reasons why Charles came to Hong Kong was to find out the relationship that Ronald had with the Redbud Company. Now that Jerry was willing to tell Charles something about it, Charles wanted to take the opportunity to ask him for more details about the matter.

Jerry continued, "In fact, I didn't know Ronald at first. One day he came to my office completely out of the blue. He wanted to make a deal with me to the value of which was, one hundred and twenty million dollars. As you already know, the Redbud Company is heavily in debt. With that money, we could easily pay off most of our debts. So I was attracted by his offer."

"Is there anything about your company that especially appealed to Ronald?" Charles asked with a puzzled look on his face.

Jerry said with a sigh, "Yes!"

There was a hint of embarrassment in his eyes. "Mr. Mu, as you know, our company is a manufacturer of electronic accessories. It's not that we didn't launch our new products. It's just that the product we developed was so effective that I ordered them to stop production immediately after a sample was produced."

Hearing that, Charles was more confused and furrowed his brows. "Isn't it exciting to succeed in developing a new product? Why did you suddenly

ith a significant increase of more than fifty percent. This way, the value of Charles' investment in the acquisition of Redbud had been increased by fifty percent, in one fell swoop. It was just that the capital hadn't been turned into cash for the moment.

Charles became the new CEO of the company and Jerry, the marketing director. After the reconvening of the board meeting, Charles set the direction of the company at this stage—the research and development team to develop a new electronic product as soon as possible. He wanted to breathe new life into the company.

He had wanted to use Jerry's previous design directly. However, he had to abandon that idea because it involved the use of strictly prohibited chemicals.

Charles had his reasons for injecting a lot of capital into the Redbud Company. If the company immediately issued additional shares, it could certainly make money, but the profit wouldn't be maximized. However, if he invested even more money, people would feel that the Redbud Company was very promising. In that case, the stock prices would rise again. If they waited to turn the capital into cash until then, they would probably get tenfold profit.

The Redbud Company had been stagnant for a long time. So Charles knew that it was unrealistic to make it prosperous at a stroke. Despite this, he decided to try his best to improve the operations of the company. That way, they would retain the company's reputation, and investors would trust them more. 'I'm sure Redbud will be revitalized!' Charles thought confidently to himself.

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