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   Chapter 1115 Spill The Beans

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9678

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Upon hearing Charles' words, even Jerry looked a little embarrassed. Suddenly a silence fell over everyone who was present.

To lighten up the atmosphere, Wiseman spoke, "Haha, my boss is frank and straightforward. I hope you all can understand that. After all, this is the trait that helps us to create sincere cooperation with each other!"

Jerry was dazed for a moment but soon he came back to his senses. After regaining his composure, he responded, "Yes, of course, we can understand. We were nearly fooled by Mr. Mu's joking. Now Mr. Mu refuses to make an offer. Well, we are reluctant to suffer a loss. So what shall we do now?"

Jerry dropped the question on Charles' plate once again. Both parties had bargained with each other in regards to the price for more than two hours. But until now, they hadn't reached an agreement. It seemed like this discussion could go on for ages.

Looking out through the window, Charles suddenly wanted to travel around the city. With this thought, he spoke to Wiseman, "Well, let's hang out first. Then, there will be enough time for Mr. Wang to discuss with his shareholders. This is my first time visiting Hong Kong. It will be a great pity if I don't get a chance to go out. After all, this beautiful place seems to have wonderful landscapes that I will surely appreciate."

Wiseman nodded in agreement and then put away the documents that were lying scattered on the desk. Charles was tired of the conversation. He wanted to go out instead of continuing this negotiation regarding the price. Jerry was afraid that Charles would change his mind about striking a deal. However, he had no choice but to obey Charles's request. It would be foolish to stop him at this time. Moreover, it was almost time for lunch. After some thought, Jerry blurted out, "Mr. Mu, I want you to have specialty dishes of Hong Kong. I was waiting for the right opportunity to tell you about it. But you are too impatient to wait."

"Haha, Mr. Wang, you'd better discuss with your shareholders so that you can give me a definite answer as soon as possible, or else I won't be in a mood to have lunch!" As soon as Charles finished speaking, he walked out of the meeting room, leaving all the shareholders stunned.

As a matter of fact, it had been a while since Charles intended to give them a cold shoulder. Deep down, he knew that price was critical for acquisition and directly associated with his final revenues from this acquisition. In consideration of these things, Charles could absolutely not come to a compromise with Jerry and the shareholders when it came to price.

He asked Wiseman to invite the two secretaries to join them. They had been waiting inside the lounge for a while now. Afterward, the four of them enjoyed themselves in traveling around this prosperous metropolis.

Redbud Company was near the Golden Bauhinia Square, so Charles chose thi

ankrupt in less than two years. By that time, the stocks you are so dearly holding onto will become worthless. If the Mu's Group acquires your company under the current situation, all of you will get a chance to avoid further loss. But now, you seem hell-bent on sharing it to us at 140 million dollars. Don't you feel the price is a little too high?"

All the directors present agreed with what Charles had said. But to gain more benefits, Jerry replied, "Yes, perhaps the price we've claimed is a bit too high. But our company has managed to maintain a very good reputation. It is famous and has been established for decades. Hence, it has the potential to revive if you invest more money in it. Besides, we have repaid a major proportion of the debts. In that case, how about 135 million dollars? Regardless of what you say, I believe our company is still worth this price!"

"Really?" Charles shook his head in disagreement before he continued, "Mr. Wang, aren't you clear how the debts were repaid? Furthermore, new products and new performances have been consistently the selling point for your company's electronic accessories. However, to the best of my knowledge, Redbud Company hasn't launched any new product for quite a long period. I am afraid that your company doesn't hold such a high reputation. You are overestimating it."

Charles's sharp and shrewd words put all the directors present in an embarrassing situation. Jerry, in particular, looked flushed after hearing this embarrassing remark.

The sudden shift in the atmosphere didn't go unnoticed by Charles. With some satisfaction, he seized the opportunity and asked, "Mr. Wang, do you know a guy named Ronald?"

"Yes... No, I don't!" Jerry was so stunned that Charles had mentioned this person during their negotiation. In the state of nervousness, he spilled the beans. Even though he had made an effort to correct his mistake, it was too late now.

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