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   Chapter 1114 He Was No Weak Pushover

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Charles was undoubtedly clear about it, but that was him. He would never give in because of some risk. When the Mu's Group had started, there were many difficulties.

"Do you know why I came here even if I know it might be a trap?" Charles drank some tea and then asked, his eyes sharp.

Wiseman shook his head and then nodded.

"Which do you mean? You shook your head and then nodded." Charles looked at Wiseman and couldn't help laughing.

Wiseman also drank some tea. "I don't agree with you because of the risk, so I shook my head. However, I know sometimes you insist, even if it is difficult to handle. So I nodded. I hope it's not as bad as we imagined. We won't necessarily face problems every time. Aha!"

Charles pointed at Wiseman knowingly. "You're experienced. You can guess what's on my mind. I hope so. But I'm surely going to purchase Redbud Company."

Charles looked out of the window indifferently. Without the noisy steam whistles during the day, Hong Kong seemed to have closed its misted eyes. The neon lights that had come on at night twinkled quietly around Victoria Harbor—adding a certain, indistinct charm to the city.

"Will our purchasing negotiation strategy tomorrow, be the same as the plan before?" Wiseman asked, bringing Charles back from his thoughts.

"No!" With only one word. Charles had shut down the plan Wiseman had prepared for a long time.

"Then?" Wiseman was confused about why Charles had changed his mind this time around. But he knew that Charles must have a reason for doing that.

Charles patted Wiseman's shoulder. "There are only two words in the strategy of the negotiations tomorrow. Be ruthless!"

Wiseman wrinkled his brows slightly and asked, "But power can't defeat everything. Going too far can be just as bad as not going far enough, right?"

Charles shook his head and responded, "You saw Jerry Wang's performance today. He's an old hand in the commercial field. If you're not as ruthless as him, he'll make you suffer significant losses. What's more, One hundred and twenty million can be my upfront investment. I'll get it back anyway."

Charles' momentum was rising. Wiseman knew that Charles had a card up his sleeve this time.

"Well, it

Then Jerry introduced them to Charles one by one.

When the introductions were done, Charles nodded to each of them and then spoke, "I believe you all know why I have come here. I don't think that I need to say more about the capability of the Mu's Group. There is no need to go into depth about the debt index of your company, which is almost at a dangerous level now. Even the market is being significantly depressed. In my opinion, it would be much better if you have a backup."

Upon hearing what Charles said, the principal shareholders frowned. They were clear about Charles' purpose. But they didn't think that he would be so straightforward and blunt.

One of the shareholders spoke up, "Mr. Mu, of course, we are aware of your company's capabilities. However, we aren't easily convinced by your few words. Can you show your sincerity?"

Obviously, he wanted to put some pressure on Charles. Once Charles offered a price first, then they would take advantage.

Charles was naturally aware of what he was trying to do. Then he answered with a smile, "You're wrong. I have shown my sincerity to your company before. One hundred and twenty million dollars isn't a small amount of money. Otherwise, how could your company repay the debt?"

They had planned to frustrate Charles. However, he certainly wasn't a weak pushover. Charles got straight down to the nitty-gritty of the matter by mentioning the vast sums of money that had been transferred from the Mu's Group.

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