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   Chapter 1113 It Is A Trap

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As shown in the transaction records of Edwin's account, all of the money was successfully transferred to another account in Hong Kong. The transfer had been made ten times with the amount of 12 million each.

After leaving the bank, Charles returned to his office. He decided to wait patiently for a few days to see what would happen next.

The next few days were filled with peace and quiet as if nothing unexpected happened. Except for Briggs Zhao's release, nothing good was happening either. Briggs was finally acquitted from insider trading when the provincial Economic Investigation Team came to check his case.

The investigation team discovered that Vigor Coal Industry, along with unidentified individuals, was manipulating the stock price through insider transactions. As Vigor Coal Industry was only given a warning by the team, Charles immediately knew that Lenny had a hand in influencing the decision of the team. Otherwise, such an illegal practice would have received a very harsh punishment.

Briggs returned to Glory Coal Industry right after his acquittal. After he had managed to take charge of the company, he took the initiative in contacting Charles, hoping that Charles would purchase the company.

Charles refused Briggs by claiming that he did not have enough funds at the moment. Previously, Linda had told Charles of Briggs's plan, but Charles would not accept such an offer like this.

So Charles asked Briggs to run the company like usual. He would consider the acquisition of Glory Coal Industry when he had enough money.

Five days had passed peacefully. It seemed like the Nalan's Group temporarily stopped their moves as they had done nothing against Charles in the past few days. With the punishment of Vigor Coal Industry, Charles had time to take a break.

When Linda had gotten much better and could walk normally without support, Charles started to make plans to deal with Edwin's case. Charles asked Wiseman, "I'm going to Hong Kong. Will you come with me?"

Last time, it was Wiseman who went to the bank with Charles. He, of course, knew of Charles' plans. To his request, Wiseman nodded without saying anything.

That evening, Charles went to the hospital to visit Linda, bringing several dishes that Linda liked. By now, Linda had almost recovered completely. She just neede

o obtain information while having dinner, before they officially started the negotiation. All in all, Charles really enjoyed the food. Jerry was a good host and Charles was really hungry after the trip.

Charles gestured to the two secretaries. "You go and have a rest. I will talk to Wiseman."

Charles let the two girls go to their room. When he got to his own room, he asked Wiseman to come with him. Both of them had to discuss the purpose of this business trip.

Charles had found out that the 120 million which was stolen through Edwin's account was transferred to the account of Redbud Company, the same company that they would negotiate with tomorrow.

Before they came to Hong Kong, Charles had made up his mind that he would never let the money disappear like this, regardless if it was a trap or part of Ronald's plan.

The reason why he delayed the plan of acquiring Briggs' company was that he wanted to have enough money to acquire Redbud Company this time!

Redbud Company mainly sold electrical accessories. It had been operating for more than thirty years. A few years ago, it was still running very well.

However, its situation was turning worse day after day, and its stock price was only half of its original value. The company's decline could be traced to its use of old equipment and lack of innovation over time.

"Wiseman, what do you think of acquiring Redbud Company this time?" Charles asked.

Wiseman frowned and replied, "I think if Ronald really did it, it might be a trap for us to purchase this company!"

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