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   Chapter 1112 Charles' Reaction

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7197

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Charles was in a state of disbelief. In his heart, he knew he trusted Edwin. After all, Edwin had worked hard with him for many years and he doubted Edwin could change so suddenly.

When Edwin first came to work for the Mu's Group, the group was not as established and powerful as it was today, so it was unnecessary for Edwin to work undercover at the company for so many years. Charles thought that it was strange.

After telling Edwin's wife and daughter to leave, Charles prepared his things and drove to the Mu Clan's private hospital, which had become a habit these days.

Linda's condition had improved considerably. She could now walk slowly with Charles' support.

"Charles, I think I like being sick." Linda looked at Charles and showed him a bright smile. Charles thought that his wife was as beautiful as a fairy.

"Why? Don't talk nonsense." Charles was confused by this woman's thoughts.

He helped Linda sit on a bench overlooking the grass fields of the Mu Clan's private hospital. He then took out a vacuum cup from the bag on his back and poured her a cup of tea which he had considerately prepared for her.

"Look, now that I am sick, you can leave your office on time every day and spend so much time with me. If I am not sick, perhaps you must still be at your office working overtime," Linda said, pretending to blame him. She received the vacuum cup from Charles and blew at the hot tea.

When Charles heard Linda's thoughts, he finally realized that he had spent too much time working. Immediately, he felt guilty. "Honey, I will try my best to find more time to spend with you and our son and daughter in the future. I owe you that much."

Looking at Charles' serious expression, Linda couldn't bear it. "Idiot, I was just kidding. It is only right that men should put their careers above everything." Playfully, she asked, "Moreover, do you think I am being so unreasonable?"

Carefully, Charles hugged Linda's shoulder and gently pulled her into his arms. "Honey, don't worry. I will make anybody who hurt you pay a huge price."

Time passed by peacefully as the two of them got along warmly. The next day, wh

Just have a good rest. Moreover, I think they intentionally let you run away, and they might want to get more. In the future, if the mysterious person contacts you again, make sure to tell me as soon as possible."

After that, Charles gave him specific instructions then left. From the rear-view mirror, Wiseman looked at Charles who was closing his eyes to rest and couldn't help joking. "Boss, you never take a noon nap, right? What makes you want to have a try today?"

"Wiseman, were you not surprised? Now, another suspect suddenly appeared. At first, I thought it was Lenny and Andrew who did it but it seems that they have been cheated, too."

Hearing Charles' voice, Wiseman responded casually, "I think it was the beast Ronald who did it. Anyway, I think he seems to have done many things. As soon as I capture him, I will..."

Before Wiseman could finish, Charles suddenly opened his eyes and sat straight. "Wiseman, let's go to the bank."

Although he didn't know why Charles changed his plan all of a sudden and wanted to go to the bank, Wiseman still stepped on the accelerator and changed the direction, heading to the bank.

Meanwhile, Andrew said angrily, "I never thought that this guy, Ronald, would expose Edwin's whereabouts to us in order to cheat us. Since he wants to have fun, we will play with him. We can slow our progress to invade the Mu's Group's capital. I just want to see Charles' reaction."

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