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   Chapter 1111 Was Edwin Really Threatened To Do That

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9256

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Looking at the balance of his account, Charles found that he still had more than thirty million dollars left that he just earned. He had been selling stocks at high prices and purchasing them back at low prices. Thus, he firmly decided to buy more stocks in large quantities.

Generally, individual investors of the financial market mostly bought stocks when the price was increasing. They seldom bought stocks if the price was dropping. None of the investors were willing to sell their shares upon seeing the Glory Coal Industry's price in the stock market increased. In the meantime, some buyers were extremely eager to buy the stocks since their price had increased over and over again. Nobody would want to miss the golden chance of earning a considerable amount of money after all. As a result, more and more pending orders were placed for buying the stocks of Glory Coal Industry. In contradiction, fewer and fewer stocks of Glory Coal Industry were put on sale.

It was like a domino effect. The substantial shareholders of Glory Coal Industry were reluctant to sell their stocks right away upon seeing so many investors wanting to buy stocks. At that same time, Charles was spending his left money in purchasing stocks while the stock price of Glory Coal Industry was increasing. Taking a look at his watch, Charles found that there were only eight minutes left before the stock price reached its top limit again.

'Well, it is almost time for us to sell the stocks, ' Charles thought. He had finally gotten down to doing what he had planned to do today when there were fewer than 5 minutes left before the closing.

He started posting massive pending orders for selling the stocks, and each order had 10, 000 board lots. He stated that the stocks would be sold in an order of precedence based on the buyers' purchasing quantity. So many pending orders were placed for purchase that Charles' stocks were sold out soon in large quantities.

Charles continued putting the stocks on sale. Originally, he had held 30% of the stocks of Glory Coal Industry but until this moment, almost half of these stocks had been sold at a price which had been the highest over the past five days since Glory Coal Industry reopened its stock market.

As time ticked away and Charles had approximately sold out all of his stocks of Glory Coal Industry, the stock market was closed. At last, the stock price of Glory Coal Industry declined significantly by the time of closing, kept at 40 dollars.

It was not until this moment that Charles felt a bit relaxed and relieved. Letting out a heavy sigh, he rested his back against the chair. His forehead was beaded with sweat.

Charles would have performed all these operations with his team. But he was not sure if anyone else

e little girl was extremely shy to meet a stranger and pulled her mother's sleeve to hide behind her. On the other hand, the woman looked very nervous as she stood there with her swollen and red eyes. It was more than obvious that she had cried her eyes out for Edwin.

"Kindly take a seat, Madam. Don't be scared. I'm not here to question or interrogate anyone," said Charles gently while gesturing the sofa near him.

Seeing that Charles hadn't scolded them, the woman felt less nervous and slowly sat on the sofa. Her eyes brimmed with tears again.

"Boss, I am sorry. I know that Edwin made a mistake. I was beyond shocked when I heard about it because as far as I know, my husband is not that kind of person,"

complained the woman while sobbing. She was holding her daughter tightly in her arms.

"Madam, don't worry. Tell me what happened to Edwin these days."

Letting out a heavy sigh, the woman responded restlessly, "Edwin had been very anxious before he was missing. He even asked me to leave home and hide for a period. But he had gone missing before we could pack everything well."

With the mention of this, the woman couldn't help choking and sobbing.

Judging by the woman's words, Charles involuntarily thought, 'Was Edwin threatened to swindle the working capital of the Mu's Group?'

After thinking over a second, he asked again, "Well, do you know where Edwin might have gone to? Is it possible that he has traveled abroad?"

Shaking her head, the woman replied, "No, that's impossible. Edwin doesn't have a visa. He even got the passport because I forced him. He couldn't have gone abroad. Besides, I believe that he will not leave me and our daughter alone. He loves our daughter most."

Charles' eyebrows were still tightly knitted. He wondered, 'Was Edwin really coerced and threatened to do that?'

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