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   Chapter 1110 An Excellent Opportunity To Make Money

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7512

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Charles glanced at the number on the screen. It was Nora who was calling him. He knew Wiseman must have told her what had happened, so he answered the call.

"Charles, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to Linda. She went to help Glory Coal instead of me, because I'm handling the problems in my company. I'm the one to be blamed!" Nora said, almost in tears.

He sighed and answered, "Nora, it wasn't your fault. Ronald is an evil man. He's the one that did it! Don't talk like that. What was it that you wanted? You called to tell me..."

Before Charles could finish his sentence. Nora stopped him and explained, "Charles, I did want to give you a hand. But there's some problem with my company, Tinfoo Fund. I can't leave at this moment. I'm calling to explain the reason to you in case you would misunderstand me."

Upon discovering that there was still some problem with Tinfoo Fund, Charles knitted his brows. It wasn't because Nora didn't have the time to help him. It was that, he remembered Nora telling him a few days ago that the problem was almost solved.

"Nora, what's going on with Tinfoo? Is there anything I can do to help you?" Since they were good friends for so many years, Charles didn't think anything else but asked her thoughtfully.

Nora hesitated to continue on with the conversation. Shortly afterward, she said that she was busy with something else and hung up the phone.

Charles was a little taken aback and confused with her reply. However, since he was preoccupied with his own business at that moment, he didn't have the time or energy to deal with someone else's business.

Now that Nora didn't have the time to help him, Charles had to do it by himself.

"Boss, it's almost time for the opening. Do you think we need to remind everyone to get ready for that?" Charles' assistant came to his office and asked.

"No, it's not necessary. After the opening, just do as we have planned. Also, don't come in to interrupt me, except when I call you," Charles replied.

His assistant nodded his head. He made a cup of coffee for Charles and then closed the door before he left Charles' office.

It was 9.30, the opening time. Charles focused all of his attention on the screen, ignoring everythin

ck. But it was necessary. Charles wished to send Linda the Glory Coal Industry as a gift when she recovered completely.

By 2.30 pm, the Glory Coal Industry's price had reached the top limit. Charles was well aware that he had the most shareholders of the Glory Coal Industry. But the fund from the Mu's Group was not enough now. To deal with something unexpected, he had to get the strategic reserve fund.

Realizing this point, Charles started to make selling orders. Each time he sold 8000 board lots. After he did it repeatedly, the top limit price started to go down. But since there were a significant number of buying orders, the substantial selling orders were being swallowed soon. And the price stopped dropping and began to go up again.

Charles bought at a low price and sold it at a higher price, several times. The stock prices kept shaking around the seven percent rise, and there was still rising potential. Up to now, Charles had made as much as thirty million.

After thinking for a moment, Charles decided to take this opportunity to raise the price up again. In this way, he could make more money.

The public was predictable. They liked to follow others. As long as the stock price increased dramatically, there were always many followers who repurchased it. Moreover, it would be the fifth day for it to reach the top limit of the price. Together with the good news, there must be a great many buyers. And that was an excellent opportunity for Charles to make money.

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