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   Chapter 1109 Fourthly

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Charles had sat beside Linda's bed and considerately taken care of her the whole night. The night was cozy and tranquil for both of them.

The next morning, Linda watched the sun shining on Charles' face as a beam of it passed the window of her ward. Contentment flooded her as she ran her fingertips on his cheeks. Charles' exhaustion was oozing on every corner of his perfect face. He fell asleep sitting with his head resting beside her.

Gently, Linda tried to fix his position. She was sure that he was uncomfortable and all that she wanted was to make him feel comfortable. However, the slightest nudge she did woke him up.

"Linda, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?" It was her name that first came out of Charles' lips. He sure cared about her so much.

Shaking her head, Linda smiled at him. It was then that two nurses walked into the ward and hinted Charles that all arrangements had been done for Linda's transfer.

Very soon, Linda was put on a stretcher and carried onto an ambulance. A doctor and a nurse sat beside the stretcher while Charles was holding Linda's hands. The ambulance drove fast towards the Mu Clan's private hospital.

Meanwhile, Andrew had known from the traffic police battalion that it was Ronald who was driving the truck that crashed into Linda. Lenny was so furious after hearing the news that he directly smashed the teapot he held onto the ground.

"Ronald, you son of a bitch. I shouldn't have ever taken him in. He was just like a dog. How could he intend to lay his hands on me instead of being grateful? He did that to warn Charles and me, didn't he?"

Lenny's voice was angry as he thumped the table repeatedly.

"No wonder that he has been so kind as to strike a deal with his stocks of Glory Coal Industry. He just planned to entice Linda to help that company, so he could execute his plan against her. Well, now we are not sure if he still has any other plan or not." Andrew was still clear-headed. After all, he had no close ties with Linda.

"Now, the traffic police battalion and the police station are hunting him down. What else can he do? He will have no choice but to hide. What a bastard!"

Rather than answer Lenny's question, Andrew looked at him and asked, "Has everything about Edwin been handled?"

Hearing Andrew talk about Edwin calmed Lenny a little. The old man responded, "Yes. Your plan has worked well. It will be too late for Charles to do anything even if he rushes back to the Mu's Group."

Charles still didn't have any idea of how bad the Mu's Group situation was at this moment. After hours of driving, Linda was sent to the Mu Clan's privat

by that time, staring afar at the urban landscapes outside. In the face of numerous ups and downs in this world, who on earth could keep everything under control? In fact, there was no definite answer.

Now that the Mu's Group had suffered a loss of 120 million dollars in working capital, the subsequent acquisition plan would be greatly impacted. For the time being, the shortage of funds was the foremost problem that Charles had to solve.

He couldn't tell if they would find Edwin and let him return the working capital that he had swindled. If not, Charles would have to take remedial actions. When Charles thought of the worst situation, it was Evergreen Bank that first came to his mind.

Many people didn't know a lot about Evergreen Bank, which was actually the first bank that had financed the establishment of the Mu's Group.

Aside from the top state-owned banks, Evergreen Bank was the biggest enterprise bank. The CEO of this bank was Elton Zhao, who had found how talented Charles was when it came to businesses. Elton was well-known as "father of investing" too.

So far, the development of the Mu's Group had been absolutely inseparable from Elton's strategic decisions and funding support.

Charles hadn't exposed his personal relationship with Elton, because he had worried that Andrew would ask his family for a favor when he had no other choice. If the Deng Clan would really support Andrew, Charles would have to ask Elton for help.

Taking his cell phone out of his pocket, Charles wanted to dial the number. But after thinking further for a long while, he put his mobile phone back. He decided to talk with Edwin's wife and daughter first before making any decision.

Right at this moment, his cell phone suddenly rang.

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