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   Chapter 1108 Getting Well

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Hearing Wiseman in such an anxious tone, Charles realized how bad the situation was. Thus, he tried his best to control his anger against Ronald Zhuo and asked, "What's wrong? Didn't I ask you to take charge of the company?"

Wiseman replied in a hurry, "Yes, I did. But something urgent has happened to the company."

"What is going on? Keep calm and tell me now!" A little nervous, Charles kept his flat tone while talking to Wiseman.

"It is Edwin Zhao, the financial manager of our company. He ran away with the money!" replied the man.

Charles was stunned. Everything was piling up! The issue with Glory Coal hadn't ended yet when Linda got hurt in a car accident planned by Ronald. While he was busy with Linda, Edwin Zhao, the accountant of Mu's Group ran away with money! How were all these happening at the same time?

"Boss, I may have kept the news from spreading now but it will be known by others soon. I think you need to come back to the company immediately. We will surely face a lot of consequences once the news reaches the public!" Wiseman said anxiously at the other end of the phone.

Charles was not an impulsive person. He had calmed down after hearing Wiseman's explanation. Then he asked, "How can Edwin run away with the money? He had worked in the Group for years. I don't think his reaction is valid."

Without any consideration, Wiseman replied, "But he has done it now! Most of our liquid capital was embezzled and he took it all away. I think the only thing that counts right now is finding him and getting the money back. We will have time to investigate the reason after that."

Still controlling himself, Charles said goodbye and hung the phone up. He sat in his car for a long while, taking a pack of cigarettes from the storage of the car. He then lighted one.

He had not smoked for a long time. Thus, he coughed violently when the smoke choked him. It was only now that he realized how reckless he had been dealing with Ronald. Even if they found Ronald, he didn't have any clues on how to deal with him. He couldn't kill Ronald on the spot after all!

Inhaling deeply, Charles had made up his mind.

He drove his car back to the police station. Meanwhile, Benjamin was still there and was about to se

He then kissed her forehead and said, "Give me a moment. I will talk with the hospital's head and come back soon."

Then Charles came to the office where the head of the hospital worked. Some patients would be undergoing operations today and the hospital head was still on duty.

"Sir, is it risky if I move my wife to another hospital?" Honestly, Charles was worried that Ronald might come back for Linda. Thus, he thought it would be better if she wasn't too far from him.

He badly needed to go back to the company to handle Edwin's case and he wouldn't want to leave Linda alone here.

The hospital head pushed his glasses up. He then read Linda's medical record and operation record. After a while, he replied, "Ms. Xia has recovered well. However, it might be dangerous for her to move somewhere since she is still a bit unstable."

"But I have to move her to another hospital. Could you help me?" Charles said, taking out his checkbook.

Looking at the number on the check, the head of the hospital shook his head and said, "Okay. If you insist, I can send the patient to another hospital with an ambulance and two doctors together with some medical equipment and medicine. In this way, the patient should be safe. I don't want your money like this. You just have to pay the fees according to the hospital rules. I will not take an extra cent from you."

Hearing the words of the man, Charles stood up and bowed to him. "Thank you so much, sir! We will leave early tomorrow morning!"

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