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   Chapter 1107 Mr. Mu, Bad News

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Charles didn't want Linda to say more, but he was irritated and couldn't hold back his anger.

After Linda kept asking several times, he finally told her the truth.

"While you were still in a coma, I specifically went to the office of the traffic police.

The officers in charge of the accident told me that only your car had the braking skid, and the truck didn't.

What's more concerning, is that they have found a trace of acceleration of a heavy vehicle. It appears to be that truck's."

When Linda heard about the evidence, she felt fearful about the incident. "But I came here just a few days ago. I don't have an enemy."

Charles poured a cup of warm water into a glass and spooned some gently into Linda's mouth.

"Come on. Have some water."

Linda sipped some to moisten her dry lips and then asked, "Charles, you're frowning. Did you think of someone suspicious?"

Charles and Linda had been married for a few years and loved each other dearly.

They could read each other like a book. The changing expression on Charles' face couldn't escape Linda's eyes.

"Linda, did you see clearly what the truck driver looked like?"

Linda furrowed her brows, deep in concentration. She was trying her best to recall.

However, because of the light cerebral concussion that she incurred from the accident, she began to have a headache again.

Seeing Linda rubbing her temples in pain, Charles stopped her in a hurry. "It's okay, Honey. Don't try to recall anything now.

I'm going to find the beast that did this to you and never let him go."

After Charles comforted her, Linda finally calmed down and soon fell asleep again.

He covered Linda with a quilt and then quietly walked out of the ward. Wiseman was waiting outside for him the whole time.

When he saw Charles coming out of the room, he stepped forward and hurriedly asked with concern, "Boss, how is Ms. Xia?"

"She's tired and needs a rest. Wiseman, I need you to do something for me," Charles said, patting Wiseman's shoulder.

"Boss, it's my pleasure to do anything for you. Just tell me what it is you want." Wiseman felt flattered and then responded.

Charles stared at him while he was thinking. It was l

xious expression, Benjamin Ho understood and didn't say anything.

He led Charles to the monitoring room and showed him the pictures from the toll station.

"Can you enlarge it?" Charles asked.

Benjamin pointed at the assistant next to him and hinted for him to do as Charles said. The assistant nodded and enlarged the picture.

"Right, that's him!"

Charles almost gritted his teeth and said, "Ronald Zhuo!"

The picture was grainy and concealed, but Charles could recognize Ronald's face anywhere.

"Ronald Zhuo?" Benjamin asked in doubt.

Charles didn't answer him. Instead, he strode out of the room. Benjamin caught up with him in no time and gripped his arm to stop him.

"Mr. Mu, calm down. We will handle it. Don't be impetuous!"

Charles turned his head, and his eyes had daggers in them. "Remove your hand!"

Benjamin looked at him, stunned. Charles ripped his arm out of his grip and jumped into his car, speeding away quickly.

Charles just wanted to find out who the culprit was. Now he had confirmed his suspicion, that the mad man was Ronald Zhuo.

When Charles found him, he would never let him go again.

As Charles was driving, his cell phone vibrated continuously. It was a call from Wiseman. 'Is there anything wrong in the company?'

Charles thought and took a deep breath. He pulled the car over and answered the phone.

"Boss, bad news. We're in trouble." Wiseman's anxious voice came from the other end of the line.

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