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   Chapter 1106 An Intentional Accident

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A confused look appeared on Andrew's face. He didn't know why Lenny had lost his temper. "Lenny, you're crazy! What did I do?"

Lenny continued in an angry tone, "Although I don't like Linda, it's unacceptable that you hit her with a car.

If something happens to her, I will make you suffer a lot. Even if I did let it go, you would be destroyed by Charles's fury!"

Andrew gaped at him in shock. Only then did he learn from Lenny's words what had happened. "What did you say?

Did Linda have an accident?"

"Don't pretend to be innocent! Who but you would have reason to hit her with a car?" Lenny roared with indignation in his eyes.

Andrew released himself from Lenny's grasp. "I think you're insane. Why should I send someone to hit her with a car?

Do you seriously think that I want to make trouble for myself? Use your brain!"

An impulse had seized Lenny, but now he calmed down. After thinking for a moment, he realized that he had been wrong.

'Andrew's right. He has no motive to hit Linda with a car. Besides, it's impossible for him to know where Linda was going, ' he thought more rationally.

"Are you sure you didn't do it?" Lenny asked again.

"Of course not! I'm afraid the person who hit her might be someone we know." At this moment, a familiar name flashed through Andrew's mind.

Meanwhile, Charles drove at high speed to the hospital that Linda had been sent.

When he arrived there, Wiseman and the leaders of Glory Coal Industry were already waiting at the door of the operating room.

"Mr. Mu!" Wiseman said with a guilty look on his face. "I'm sorry I didn't take good care of Ms. Xia!"

Wiseman looked down, overwhelmed with the feeling of remorse and guilt.

"If I had accompanied her to see Briggs, this wouldn't have happened. It's my fault! I'm to blame!"

Wiseman wanted to atone for what had happened by slapping himself across the face. But it didn't help. Charles stood there, staring at the light above the door of the operating room.

The solemnity in his eyes made Wiseman hold his breath.

"How long has Linda been in there?" Charles asked in an unusually calm tone.

"It's been more than three hours," Wiseman replied.

Charles then gazed at Wiseman with penetrating eyes.

"Tell me everything that happened, in detail!"

The sound of Charles's stern tone sent a shiver down his spine. Then Wiseman continued, "We were

ide and sat on the edge of the bed. It wasn't long before Linda began to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Charles, who was eagerly waiting for her to wake up.

Linda said in a weak voice, "Darling, I had a long nightmare. I dreamed that I left you and you were crying alone..." Linda began to cough

before she had finished her words.

Charles held her hand tightly and gently moved the hair from her forehead with his other hand.

With misty eyes, he gave her a small smile and said, "Don't worry, darling. It was just a nightmare. You've woken up now."

Wiseman knew that Charles would prefer to be alone with Linda now. So he walked out of the ward and quietly closed the door behind him.

"Darling, I thought I would never see you again!" Since Linda was wrapped in bandages, she couldn't sit up.

She could only hold Charles's hand tightly in response.

"Linda, everything is going to be all right. Don't be afraid. You're awake now. I will always be with you.

Those who have hurt you won't escape from punishment!"

His voice was filled with coldness and fury. Charles wouldn't allow anyone to hurt his beloved and get away with it.

Linda suddenly froze with fear. "Those who hurt me? Wasn't it an unexpected accident?"

Charles said firmly, "The accident wasn't unexpected, but intentional!"

"What?" Linda felt even more frightened when she saw the serious look on Charles's face.

'If it hadn't been for the special design of my car, and if it hadn't been for the airbag, I'm afraid I would have...'

Linda furrowed her brows at the thought.

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