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   Chapter 1105 Are You The One Who Plotted The Car Accident

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9644

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Wiseman originally wanted to meet Briggs with Linda, but she rejected.

Before Linda left, she asked Wiseman to further discuss their actions against Vigor Coal Industry with the senior managers of Glory Coal Industry. They had previously talked with each other in an attempt to draft a detailed plan.

Wiseman agreed without any hesitation. He had been thinking about plans since last night and this would be the perfect time to put his plans into practices.

Lenny was still puzzled about how Glory Coal Industry's stock price rocketed from the limit down.

He had already lost all his stocks of Glory Coal Industry. More so, he had failed to give the company the heavy blow he had planned too. Deep down, he thought that he had overrated Andrew's abilities.

While Lenny was lost in this thought, he heard Andrew's order.

"Arrange some personnel for me right away. We are going to attack the finance of the Mu's Group's headquarters tomorrow."

Startled by Andrew's decision, Lenny questioned, "What? Attack the Mu's Group's finance? We've just suffered a devastating failure today. Are you even aware of what you're saying? You are declaring a war against their headquarters. Aren't you afraid of ending up with failure like today?"

Having suffered considerable losses from today's failure, Lenny had doubted Andrew's capabilities.

Thus, he questioned Andrew closely to confirm if he was confident about his subsequent plan or not.

Andrew shook his head upon hearing Lenny's question. In fact, he was reluctant to explain to Lenny. However, he would need Lenny's assistance and cooperation in executing his plan.

With this in mind, Andrew kept his temper and explained patiently, "No pain, no gain. If we want to get something, we need to give up something else sometimes. We have failed to acquire Glory Coal Industry today, but we will grab the Mu's Group. That would be so much better, wouldn't it?"

Andrew tried his best to convince Lenny. He really needed him to agree with his plan.

Lenny had been engaged in businesses for so many years after all. He finally understood where Andrew was leading to after he heard his explanation.

It dawned on Lenny that Andrew only pretended to fight against Glory Coal Industry when his actual target was to acquire the Mu's Group.

With his anger gradually melting, Lenny said softly, "I'm just kidding with you, Mr. Deng. Don't mind what I said earlier. I'm just used to joking!"

Andrew rolled his eyes upon seeing Lenny suddenly change his attitude.

It was only now that he realized how shameless Lenny was.

No wonder that Lenny had occupied his current superior position and made substantial achievements in businesses.

On the other hand, Linda had arrived at the gate of the detention house sooner than expected since she drove really fast.

Driving into the building, she passed by several

she had generally known what kind of person Briggs was.

She didn't expect such a kind man to be unfairly treated.

Linda got into her car and drove away.

She was thinking about what she should do next to fight her way back.

Suddenly, a big truck sped towards her car.

Linda rushed to turn the steering wheel upon noticing how close it was with her car's trunk. The car veered off and abruptly turned over for two circles before it stopped.

However, the truck had been driven away very fast.

From the rearview mirror of her car, a face with a weird smile vaguely appeared.

The car accident happened so unexpectedly that Linda's car had deformed.

Her legs were pressed under the automotive cylinder head. And because of the immense impact, Linda fainted.

The whizzing vehicles that were passing by stopped. Everyone tried their best to turn Linda's car and it took a lot of effort.

After that, they saved Linda out of the car and sent her to the nearest hospital quickly.

"What? Linda has a car accident?"

Charles, who was still in a meeting suspended the meeting right away as soon as Wiseman called him and said that Linda had an accident.

Immediately, he drove fast to the hospital that Wiseman had told him.

At this moment, Linda's life was all that Charles cared about. Being so anxious about Linda's safety, he pressed the gas pedal to the maximum extent.

"Linda! Please be okay! I am coming. I will be there soon. Just wait for me. Please!"

His car sped at lightning speed all the way to the hospital. On the other side, Lenny had also been informed of the car accident.

Although he didn't get along well with Linda, he had never expected to kill Linda. The woman was his niece after all!.

Upon hearing the news, Lenny rushed to Andrew's residence, pulled his collar and questioned him with great anger, "Andrew Deng, are you the one who plotted the car accident?"

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