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   Chapter 1104 In The Detention House

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7145

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All people fixed their eyes on the time-sharing chart of Glory Coal Industry again.

At the last second, a mysterious person suddenly bought the shares at lightning speed.

Vigor Coal had put five percent shares on the market, but he bought all of them in an instant.

"What's going on?" Lenny was stunned to see the mysterious power suddenly appearing and asked in a hurry.

The operator's head was soaked in sweat. "Mr. Nalan, I don't know why all the shares we put on the market have been bought at once.

The daily limit down of Glory Coal Industry almost can't be blocked."

"Put more on the market. Five percent more. Anyway, I want Glory Coal to fail in the stock market today!" Lenny ordered.

And then he put five percent free equity on the market with the identity of Vigor Coal's shareholder.

"Ms. Xia, Vigor Coal has put five percent more on the market."

Linda stared at the transaction trends. There were less than five minutes before the stock market closed.

"Can you check who's helping us purchase the shares?"

Wiseman heard what Linda said and asked, "Ms. Xia, why are you sure that he's helping us?"

Linda didn't take her eyes from the screen but answered peacefully, "The enemy's enemy is our friend. The one who goes against Vigor is challenging Lenny and Andrew.

He's against them now, so isn't he our friend?"

Meanwhile, Andrew looked at the numbers changing crazily on the screen and finally sneered. "It seems that he has taken action."

"He?" Lenny turned his head and asked.

"Close out more! Ten percent more!" Andrew gave instructions.

As they closed out more, the mysterious person appeared to be tired, but he kept buying without hesitation.

It seemed that he wouldn't give up until Lenny stopped.

"It's actually him!" Andrew laughed coldly. That was what he wanted. "Close out all the shares

that we own,"

Andrew ordered. But Lenny was confused and asked, "We finally get the stocks and Glory Coal will be ours soon. Now if we close out all of them, won't we be throwing them into the fire? What do you mean by doing that?"

In Andrew's opinion, Lenny was


Charles knew that if he admitted directly, then she might have become angrier.

Initially, Linda came here to help Charles solve the problem. But now, she was the one that needed his help. She would probably feel a bit of a blow to her self-esteem.

So Charles told her that it was his strategy, to save Linda from feeling embarrassment.

Linda was undoubtedly clear about his thoughts. Though a couple didn't need to say more.

"Charles, perhaps Andrew will take action. You've spent a lot of money from the Mu's Group on it. Now you'll need to be careful of anything else."

After chatting with him for a while, Linda hung up the phone.

Now all people of the Glory Coal Industry knew that the mysterious power was, the Mu's Group.

At the same time, Briggs, who was still in the detention house, had learned the news through the TV program, which the guards were watching.

His eyes had misted at the good news.

Like the old saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Briggs remembered that the Mu's Group did Glory a big favor, and they also took care of his wife.

He fixed his eyes and seemed to have made a decision.

Calling the guard over, he asked if he could see Linda once again.

The guard called Linda on his behalf and told her about his request to see her.

Hearing that Briggs wanted to see her, Linda had guessed his purpose. She drove to the detention house immediately.

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