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   Chapter 1103 Something Weird Is Happening

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10541

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Before the stock trading commenced, Linda invited almost all the financial talents of Glory Coal Industry to get together.

She could already imagine the difficulties they would encounter today.

Based on her past experiences, the stock prices of companies mostly declined drastically and reached the limit down when their stock trading was suspended because of any breaking news.

Once that happened to Glory Coal Industry, the situation would get out of their hands.

Of course, Linda absolutely didn't expect that to occur.

But for the time being, talents available were not enough for dealing with the situation that would happen next. Considering all the scenarios, Linda prepared. She thought that the stock trading which was about to start was the last straw of Glory Coal Industry. Hence, she couldn't leave any stone unturned.

"All stock market operators must strictly follow my orders! None of you must operate without my authorization!" Linda ordered firmly.

This was Linda's requirement for the stock market operators and essential for guaranteeing success in the subsequent fight.

Apparently, Vigor Coal Industry would absolutely not miss this golden chance for giving Glory Coal Industry a heavy blow. After all, the two companies were rivals.

Vigor Coal Industry would probably monopolize the coal market as long as Glory Coal Industry went bankrupt.

If that really happened, it would gain enormous benefits.

Since the Nalan's Group was supporting Vigor Coal Industry, Linda was certain that this fight wouldn't be an easy one. It was vital for her to warn everyone in her company about the seriousness of the fight.

Everything took place as Linda had expected.

At a quarter past nine in the morning, the stock price of Glory Coal Industry declined drastically and reached the limit down. It was still in the stage of bargaining in the stock market.

Some individual investors still held stocks of Glory Coal Industry because they had failed to sell their stocks out in the last stock trading.

As they heard that Glory Coal Industry was restarting its stock trading, they began to grow impatient to sell their problematic stocks.

As a result, a lot of individual investors had even placed pending orders for selling their stocks at the stage of bargaining. Plenty of pending orders were placed at a unit price near the lower limit.

Now, the Urban Finance program started. Today, Glory Coal Industry restarted its stock trading which had aroused great controversies.

Everyone was curious to know what prompted the Glory Coal Industry to do such a thing.

The special guest of Urban Finance declared firmly, "I think Glory Coal Industry's decision for trading stocks again is extremely reckless.

I've heard that Linda Xia, a member from the Mu's Group, has taken over Glory Coal Industry. After all, she is a woman which is probably why she isn't farsighted enough."

The audience nodded in agreement with the guest's words.

Some of them were whispering, "Is it possible that Linda has reached a consensus with someone and wants to seize this good chance to acquire Glory Coal Industry when

In the meantime, the stock price was about to reach the lower limit.

Noticing that Glory Coal Industry was massively purchasing stocks, Lenny sneered and muttered, "This is just what I have been expecting!"

Then he ordered his operators to sell all the 5% stocks that Vigor Coal Industry had acquired from individual investors.

In the blink of an eye, the limit down price was reached.

"Ms. Xia, Vigor Coal Industry has placed a pending order for selling an enormous amount of stocks. We can no longer purchase!"

"How many funds do we have now?" Linda asked with her eyebrows tightly knitted as if she was fighting a competent rival.

"No more than ten million!" the chief financial officer replied at once.

Without wasting any time, Linda ordered again, "Continue buying the stocks!"

"Ms. Xia, we may possibly suffer a devastating failure in case of any emergency! I don't think it is right to spend all our working capital on buying the stocks!" The chief financial officer persuaded Linda in a hurry upon hearing her order.

However, Linda wouldn't budge. She had a firm resolve.

She simply responded, "I know what I am doing. Go ahead! Continue buying the stocks!"

Right at this moment, Lenny was taking a look at his watch. There was still 8 minutes left before today's closing.

Being confident about his success, he mumbled, "Linda, my good niece. The stock price will unavoidably reach the limit down. I would like to see who else will help you."

Now all the stock market operators were feeling overwhelmed. They wondered if the stock price would be doomed to approach the lower limit today. By now, they had invested most of their working capital in saving the stock price.

If they failed to rescue the stock market before today's closing, everything would go downhill. The stock price would inevitably reach the limit down the next day too if no working capital would be available.

While all the stock market operators were worried about this dilemma, the chief financial officer yelled for their attention, "Wait, guys! Something weird is happening!"

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