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   Chapter 1102 After The Stock Market Closed

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Lana's gaze contained greediness which didn't go unnoticed by Linda.

The fact that there could be a percentage of the bond for her sparkled an excitement in her heart.

If she could make Glory Coal Industry her client, she could definitely earn much more.

Of course, she was not a fool. As for now, she was not sure if Linda was merely testing her. She couldn't tell if she actually intended to cooperate with her.

So Lana pretended to look unfazed by Linda's offer. "Ms. Xia, you are joking, aren't you?

Briggs has been put behind the bars due to the transactions he made here. Ms. Xia, won't you try to avoid cooperating with us now? I have been told that you are trying to help Briggs out."

Linda, of course, was well aware of Lana's tricks. She already knew what Lana's real purpose was but she tried to conceal her knowledge.

After all, Linda was here with an intent to find some clues. Hence it was vital to maintain a good relationship if she wished to coax some information out of Lana.

"No, it's not like what you said, Miss Xu. Briggs has been your client previously. I thought you would know the transactions of Glory Coal Industry quite well.

That's why I came here to consult it with you. But since you seem uninterested, I think I should be leaving now."

After finishing her sentence, Linda turned around and pretended like she was leaving with Wiseman.

Lana, surely, did not wish to let go of this opportunity. So she stood up and asked them to stay.

"Ms. Xia, don't be in such haste. My intention wasn't to refuse you my help. Now please come into my office. Let's talk about it in detail."

After this, Lana gestured them to come to her office.

And that was exactly what Linda had planned to do so she glanced at Wiseman.

Wiseman understood her at once, so he stopped abruptly before they entered the office area, saying to Lana, "Miss Xu, excuse me.

I am not feeling well today. Could you tell me where the men's room is?"

Seeing Wiseman's terrible expression, Lana felt disgusted.

Hearing his request, Linda complained, "You always end up feeling ill! Something is wrong with you!"

Wiseman then flashed her a helpless and innocent look.

Lana pointed her fingers to the end of the building and said, "Keep walking straight and then turn right. You will come across the men's room there."

"Okay, Miss Xu. That will be enough. Let him go and we shall get to the matter," Linda said, bringing Lana back to the conversation.

She once again gave Wiseman an unpleased gla

the Mu's Group asking his wife to deal with Glory Coal Industry. Tomorrow is the time when Glory Coal Industry restarts opening in the stock market.

This is the right opportunity for us to attack it with our capital. I just hope my niece won't cry! Ha ha ha..."

"Have you made things ready with Vigor Coal Industry?" Andrew asked worriedly. He wasn't complacent like Lenny.

Lenny touched his mustache and replied confidently, "I have arranged everything regarding Vigor Coal Industry already.

Glory Coal Industry will surely fall and hit the price limit tomorrow!"

"How about the stock shares?" Andrew questioned looking doubtful.

"Their ownership share diluted down by 30%. It will be easy for us to acquire Glory Coal Industry in this condition.

Charles intended to purchase Vigor Coal Industry previously so he will never expect that he can fail in this manner. To top it all, he will lose Glory Coal Industry as well!" Lenny could not suppress his emotions. In his mind, he had already defeated Charles and won the battle.

Time passed soon and the dawn brought the most awaited day. It was almost time for the stock market to open.

Linda had spent the whole night in her office. She couldn't let down the people who had put their faith in her. This determination to succeed kept her awake all night.

Wiseman, on the other hand, stayed up for the same reason. He couldn't let Linda shoulder the pain on her own. While he was fixated on his task, he discovered something which prevented himself from telling to Linda.

The most important thing today was the stock market. 'All other topics can be discussed only after that is sorted out, ' he reminded himself.

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