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   Chapter 1101 Will You Now Invite Me To Your Office

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10693

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While Linda waited outside anxiously, the lights of the operation theater had finally been switched off.

Shortly afterward, the doctors came out and approached Linda. The news that they had of the situation of Briggs' wife was grim, and they advised Linda to make contact with her family members as soon as possible.

Linda furrowed, as she didn't know how to tell Briggs about the bad news. She wasn't sure if Briggs would be able to accept the gravity of the situation.

In the meantime, Briggs was sitting on an iron bed at the detention house, dazed and lost deep in thought.

'Who on earth cracked the password of my account? Why did they log in to my account? What can I do to prove that I'm innocent?

How did the media get news of the changes to the transaction of my account so promptly and report it simultaneously to the public? Why did the Securities Regulatory Commission decide to investigate me right after the media reports?' Briggs had more questions than answers. The more he seemed to think about it, the more puzzled he became.

To add insult to injury, Briggs had just been informed that his wife was very ill in hospital.

However, he was still detained and couldn't go and take care of his wife. At the thought of that, Briggs was overwhelmed with pain and grief.

After the operation, Kaley Wang, Briggs' wife, lay motionless on the bed. The nurses transferred her from the operation theater to a critical care ward.

Although her eyes were still closed, she had regained consciousness.

She heard the two nurses whispering to each other beside her. "They say that her husband is Briggs, the CEO of Glory Coal Industry.

His wife is critically ill in the hospital. How dare he leave her alone here? He's so irresponsible."

Upon hearing the words, the other nurse, who was assigned to change dressings for Kaley Wang, cast a look at her. She wanted to confirm if she had woken up or not.

Seeing that Kaley's eyes were still closed, the nurse responded in a shallow voice, "Haven't you heard that Briggs is in trouble? I heard that he was involved in insider trading. I assume that he has probably been arrested and detained!"

"Oh Really? But the doctor has said that Kaley Wang will need to undergo some more surgery as early as possible.

The consequences would be rather serious if the surgery is postponed. Now that her husband has been arrested, who paid for her surgery?" the other nurse questioned.

"I heard the doctor communicating with Ms. Xia after the surgery. She's a person from the Mu's Group. Ms. Xia seems to have paid for the surgeries in part."

After getting all their nursing jobs done, the two nurses left the room, pushing their trolley.

A moment later, Linda and Wiseman entered Kaley Wang's ward when the patient had opened her eyes.

Kaley Wang cast a glance at Linda in confusion. It was as if she was asking her who she was.

As Linda came into the ward, she firstly made a brief self-introduction.

Upon realizing that the person before her was the lady who had paid for her medical treatment, Kaley Wang was grateful to Linda.

She strove to get up to express her gratitude but was stopped by Linda, who sai

usly fall."

After pondering for a moment, the director of the financial market suggested, "In that case, our company will suffer considerable losses in the financial market."

"Take it easy. Just do as I've told you to. Let's see who the hell is plotting behind us tomorrow! Just go and make the preparations!"

Once Linda finished giving instructions to the director of the financial market. She rushed directly to the stock exchange office where Lana was with Wiseman.

She needed to dig up something incriminating about the stock exchange's disclosure of personal information before the stock market of Glory Coal Industry was reopened the next day.

It would be helpful for them to find out who the plotter was that framed Briggs even if they got some slightest clues.

Today, the business department of the stock exchange was still crowded as usual.

Linda walked straight into the VIP room and then dialed Lana's phone number.

Lana came out of her office shortly afterwards. She was still dressed like an office lady the same way as last time. However, this time, she wasn't wearing a pair of sunglasses.

"Ms. Xia, I believe that we have been even since the last time we met. Now you've come here again. What do you want to do?"

Lana asked with anger, crossing her hands over her chest.

"Miss Xu, it seems that I'm not welcome here," Linda said with a smile.

Lana was overwrought with mixed feelings when she found that Linda had come here to see her again.

The two of them fell silent for some time before Lana replied, "Ms. Xia, you're very busy. Why are you free to come here?"

"Can't I come and see you to talk about investments?" Linda still responded smilingly.

"Ms. Xia, don't patronize me. You're a member of the Mu's Group. Our stock exchange is so small and it might mean nothing for you."

Lana indirectly rejected Linda.

However, Linda didn't give up. So she continued, "What if I'm talking to you in the name of the Glory Coal Industry? What would you say then?"

After a small pause, Linda questioned, "Will you now invite me to your office to talk about the details?"

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