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   Chapter 1100 His Wife Was In Hospital

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Updated: 2019-10-05 00:12

It did not take long for the media to report the collapse of a coal mine in SX Province because of the earthquake. Surprisingly, it was allegedly safe in some other coal mines in that area as there were no reported casualties.

After the journalists investigated, they found out that the company who owned the safe coal mines had spent a lot of money on ensuring the safety of their mining sites.

The news of this accident had spread like wildfire.

The families of the workers who died or were injured in the accident sued and demanded compensation from Vigor Coal Industry which controlled the collapsed coal mine.

Many experts and scholars, had conducted an on-the-spot investigation and found out that the owner of the coal mining sites which did not collapse had truly been invested on the security and structural integrity of their mining sites.

Some people who were not fully convinced by the findings started to dig more into the issue. They had a hard time believing the news since conscientious companies were rare nowadays.

In the end, they had uncovered that these coal mines belonged to Glory Coal Industry.

Everyone was surprised when they discovered that it was Glory Coal Industry behind the secure coal mines. Was not Glory Coal Industry suspected of insider trading?

Was it really a conscientious enterprise?

While this topic was being talked about, another issue caught the interest of the media. A miner's mother had cancer. The said the miner was from a poor family who made a living by working in the mines.

Currently, the mining company he worked for had been forced to close because of the protests.

With no source of income, he had no choice but to rob in order to cure his mother's cancer.

This news aroused the public's interest again.

Everyone was discussing this news online even on Weibo. Diverging opinions were posted, and for a while, online users exchanged opinions passionately.

Some people argued that the miner was wrong for robbing and breaking the law, while others thought that he was forgivable because he had lost his job.

After all, it only happened because the mine under the control of Glory Coal Industry had been forced to shut down because of the protests.

The loss of income, coupled with a great need for money, caused the miner to become reckless out of desperation.

More people came to express their sympathy and support for the miner. With this, the public demanded Glory Coal Industry to reopen.

Moreover, a few people were appealing to investigate Briggs Zhao's case again.

If the news could be relied on, then Briggs Zhao would be a

as only hospitalized today.

It's impossible that I was anxious to get money even before that."

Briggs had no choice but to explain, "I truly didn't get the insider information as claimed by the newspapers.

Even if I did, I couldn't have operated in that silly way. Obviously, someone wanted to frame me up.

This time even my wife could lose her life."

What Briggs said made sense, but the Economic Investigation Team was still confused. According to Briggs' transaction details of his account, he didn't have time to make more than forty transactions within that little time before the stock market closed.

Was Briggs really the victim of a frame-up? Or was he lying from the very beginning? Was there a hidden secret behind it?

Looking at the sweat on Briggs' forehead, everyone from the Economic Investigation Team had a bad feeling.

"Just now, someone from the municipal investigation office came to ask about your case.

No matter what happens, doubts will clear up when the facts are known. Just wait here patiently."

After the interrogation, Briggs was taken to the detention room again. He could do nothing but look at the sky outside and pray silently that his wife would have a successful surgery.

After arriving at the hospital, Wiseman found Linda who was waiting outside the operating room. At that moment, Wiseman seemed to suddenly realize something and asked, "Ms. Xia, do you think Briggs made a reckless move because he knew his wife was seriously sick?"

Linda shook her head. "Even if he urgently needed money, he could just go to the bank and loan some money which was secured from his stock share. It's unnecessary for him to do insider trading.


For a while, Wiseman and Linda went silent again.

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