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   Chapter 1099 It Won't Be Easy

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 9212

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Linda was glad that the senior managers of Glory Coal Industry were listening to her attentively. She said, "Now, I am going to assign tasks to all of you.

When I came in, I saw that you were aimlessly busy with your respective jobs. Your efforts will go in vain if you don't have any goal or a proper plan."

The senior managers knew clearly that their aimless efforts were futile. But Briggs, the CEO of Glory Coal Industry, was being detained by the police because he had been tricked. Without his supervision and management, the senior managers felt like there was no one else to lead them.

As a result of that, they had no choice but to try their best to do something based on their own intuitions. However, their efforts ended up being meaningless since they were not united towards a common goal.

Pointing at Wiseman, who was standing beside her, Linda introduced, "This is the advisor of the Mu's Group. You can call him Wiseman."

After introducing Wiseman to the senior managers, she asked, "Who is in charge of the financial sector here?"

Hearing Linda's question, a middle-aged senior manager raised his hand, hinting that he was the Chief Financial Officer.

Staring at the man, Linda said, "Wiseman will revive the financial sector of Glory Coal Industry, including stocks and financial investments alongside you. Wiseman will talk to you about the specifics later."

The middle-aged senior manager replied with a firm nod. Linda, as far as he was concerned, had suddenly become the new hope of their company.

The financial sector was the core for any enterprise.

Linda gave priority to this issue because she had seen a crowd of individual investors, who had swarmed outside the company, yelling about their losses. Linda wanted to give these investors a proper explanation.

"Who is in charge of public relations?" Linda continued.

A woman with spectacles waved her hand in response.

With a nod, Linda spoke further. "You and I will talk to the media and the customers. We should address the crisis as fast as possible. I will inform you of the particulars after the meeting.

Who is heading the human resource management?" Linda asked, looking around the table.

A male senior manager wearing a suit and tie put his hand up.

Linda, pointing to the vacant positions, said, "I want you to fill these positions as soon as possible. But don't go and find anyone who has already resigned because your CEO was arrested.

The company will maintain its prestige. I suggest you recruit fresh graduates from universities. You can attract them with high salaries and without probation."

The human resource officer furrowed his brows; he was confused by Linda's suggestion.

He had to clarify. "But our company

n manage the company well by himself. I will go back to the Mu's Group tomorrow. Honey, how is the situation there?"

Linda had been busy the whole day, and her shoulders and neck were sore.

She stretched before she replied, "I am fine. Honey, don't worry. I can handle this."

"Linda, take care of yourself. I will deal with the matters there in person once I arrange everything in the Mu's Group well.

Don't overwork. I am worried about you," Charles said with concern.

Their conversation reflected how much the two of them loved each other.

They talked to each other for a few more minutes. After hanging up the phone, Linda stood up, poured a cup of hot water and continued to review the materials.

On the following day, Linda went to find the female senior manager in charge of the public relations to discuss about the plan she had drafted overnight.

When Linda stepped into her office, she said, "There are extensive critical reports on Glory Coal Industry for its manipulation of insider trading. The results would be undesirable if we made a direct statement for clarification.

I think we should find another way. What do you think?"

The senior manager nodded in agreement before she replied, "I think so too, but what other way is there?"

Linda handed her the plan and stated, "This is the plan that I drafted last night based on the materials I reviewed. Just take a look at this and see if it is feasible or not."

The senior manager reached out for the materials and carefully reviewed them. As she read, she nodded again and again.

Finally she said, "Ms. Xia, this plan is very good. I think it is quite feasible!"

"All right, then. Let's get down to executing this. By the way, remind the human resource manager that it won't be easy for us to deal with the public relations crisis."

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