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   Chapter 1098 Speak Out What They Thought

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7610

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Linda and Wiseman were both speechless after leaving Briggs' detention house.

They were extremely confused by the family name that Briggs had pointed out.

"So it wasn't Andrew and Lenny who did it?" Linda suddenly asked out of nowhere. Thus, nobody knew if she was talking to Wiseman or herself.

Puzzled, Wiseman looked at her and said, "Ms. Xia, are you saying that this Zhuo is him?"

Linda certainly knew who Wiseman was mentioning as 'him'. Thus, she answered, "He ran away from the Skyriver Trade Corporation at that time because we were focusing on dealing with Lenny.

Now he wants to unexpectedly make a comeback. It seems to me that he has hidden himself and waited for the right time to attack."

Linda could almost point out who the man was after Briggs mentioned Zhuo.

There was only one man within their circle who had the motivation to do the act.

"Is it really Ronald Zhuo?" asked Wiseman.

"I'm not sure yet, I can only guess. More so, I cannot tell yet if Andrew and Lenny got involved as well.

The problem will be very hard to solve if those two are really involved."

Linda looked at the cloudy sky and took a deep breath. She then sighed. "There is going to be a storm."

Wiseman didn't say anything, but he had decided to investigate the ins and outs of the matter.

He promised not to let Ronald go if he really was the one behind this.

"How about we visit Glory Coal Industry together, Wiseman? The company must be a mess right now after Briggs was caught.

They wouldn't be able to resist Vigor Coal if it seizes this opportunity and takes action now. They are not in the position to defend themselves."

Linda got into the car as she spoke. On the other hand, Wiseman stepped on the accelerator as soon as Linda was seated. They headed to Glory Coal Industry.

Stunned was not enough to describe Linda upon reaching Glory Coal Industry's building.

A lot of shareholders were grouped before the gate, raising their slogans. Some of them were sitting quietly and some were shouting emotionally.

They were all seeking for Glory Coal Industry's explanation.

It turned out that Glory Coal Industry didn't just urgently cease trading after Briggs' capture but also hit their daily limit.

Moreover, nobody knew w

t the man with her sharp eyes.

It was Charles and Linda who developed the Mu's Group, more so, her management skill as his wife.

It was clear to her that an enterprise like Glory was the fortune of the commercial field and it shouldn't be destroyed in this way.

Soon enough, the executives and main shareholders of Glory were already gathered in the meeting room.

Their confusion was vivid on their faces.

"Everyone, be quiet. Let's welcome Ms. Xia of the Mu's Group to give a speech." The leader clapped his hands first.

The applause wasn't loud since not many people followed his action. To be honest, all of the people there didn't even know what was happening.

Linda just shrugged her shoulders about it. She called that meeting in order to cheer everybody up as soon as possible. Her goal was to make them realize the roles they would be playing and the amount of jobs they needed to do.

"I know that all of you are Mr. Zhao's friends. However, I want you all to know that he has entrusted me with the company temporarily.

Regardless if you are convinced or confused, my requirement would be as follows.

We cannot let Glory down until the truth and facts are found."

Linda's firm words immediately silenced the noises inside the meeting room.

Everybody seemed shocked by the last words she said. More so, the executives had looked down upon her before. They suddenly straightened their backs. Obviously, they had already read this situation and she just said what they thought.

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