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   Chapter 1097 Watch A Wonderful Show

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7340

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Linda did not let Wiseman enter the cafe and made him wait somewhere else instead.

Then, she went into the cafe. As she had read some files about Lana Xu, she recognized the lady at once.

Lana was wearing an official suit and black silk stockings that made her legs look slim and attractive.

'What an arresting woman she is!' Linda sneered at the lady in her mind.

On the table in front of Lana lay a folder that seemed to contain a lot of documents. Seeing Linda enter the cafe, she put down her sunglasses.

"You must be Linda Xia from the Mu's Group, right?" Lana asked, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Yes. Miss Xu is really living a pleasant life! Are you taking a break during your work?"

Linda said to Lana with a smile.

Lana nodded her head. "I work in the building behind this cafe.

I came here because you want to buy something from me. Right?"

After greeting Lana, Linda put forward her questions directly.

"Miss Xu, you called me this morning and told me that the securities authorities would inspect the stock exchange office next Monday. I think you're well aware that Briggs has been trading in this office for eight years.

How could he be so stupid as to control the stock price?"

Lana pursed her lips and smiled thinly with a cunning glint in her eyes.

"What's the relationship between the Mu's Group and Briggs? He's actually able to ask a person like you to help him. It seems like you're really close!"

Hearing Lana's words, Linda knitted her eyebrows.

She sensed that the Lana in front of her was different from the person who had called her.

But she couldn't put her finger on what was wrong as the feeling only came to her in flashes.

"All right, then. It has nothing to do with our trading. Let talk about that now," Linda said, refusing to continue talking about that subject.

Lana nodded and showed the folder in front of her to Linda. Then, she gave Linda a knowing smile.

Without any hesitation, Linda wrote a check of 100, 000 and handed it to Lana. However, Lana shook her head and said, "Ms. Xia, this folder is worth far more than 100, 000!"

Seeing Lana suddenly ask for more, Linda started to get annoyed. "We

continue this way.

You will continue to be imprisoned for a period of time. So, I will take your place until we find out the truth."

Linda made it clear that she wanted to find out the truth and not prove that Briggs was innocent. She would not be influenced by emotions.

Emotions could be taken advantage of.

Wiseman then took out a contract that they had made previously. The contract was a statement that Glory Coal Industry was temporarily changing the person in charge.

Looking at the statement, Briggs heaved a deep sigh. Then, he signed his name on it.

"Ms. Xia, I don't expect you to develop my company well. I only hope that you can prove that I did not commit the crime.

I was accused unjustly."

Linda nodded her head and did not say anything.

Now, what she wanted to do was to go and see Glory Coal Industry, where she might find out the answers to her questions.

Just before Linda and Wiseman left, Briggs suddenly struck the table and said, "I remember something now! I received a call just before that day!"

"A call? From whom?" Linda immediately asked, turning around.

Briggs scratched his head and answered, "Wait a minute. Let me think. I thought it was strange when I got the call because it was from someone I didn't know.

He said that his family name was...Zhuo! And he also said something weird to me...that he would let me watch a wonderful show!"

"Zhuo?" Linda and Wiseman simultaneously exclaimed.

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