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   Chapter 1095 Help You Solve The Tough Problem

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8080

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"I'm sorry. I am too excited to express myself!" the girl said, her face turning red.

After a while, she gasped, "We are from another province and we've come here especially for the opening of ChinaJoy. We've always been big fans of TC Film! The performance of TC Film this time hasn't let us down! It was totally worth it!"

"Stop screaming like that! This is just one area and there are so many others. Aren't you worried about your throat?" the girl's friend said with a laugh, but her face was red as well.

After all, a shirtless guy who was cosplaying their favorite character was standing right in front of them.

They were trying their best to control themselves.

"Could we take a picture with you?" the girl asked, swallowing hard. The cosplayer didn't reply to them, but raised his head calmly and gave them a cold glance.

But his attitude didn't dampen their spirits.

On the contrary, it drove them mad with desire.

"Do you girls," the cosplayer started calmly as if he had witnessed everything in life, "like gardening?"

"Wow!" "He's so cute!" "He's really adorable! When can we see such cosplayers in our province?"

The three girls could not help but exclaim loudly.

But no one noticed them inside the exhibition hall as everyone was immersed in their own excitement.

TC Film hadn't attended the previous ChinaJoy exhibition as that was when the company had been reorganized. So, they hadn't exhibited their work last time.

But this time, TC Film had spared no effort to make the animation.

Every single character and scene had been well-designed. The costumes were also excellent as TC Film had spent a lot on making them.

Every move and every line had been performed with the utmost care.

Each sentence was classic and relatable for the audience. And each move was extremely attractive!

Another cosplayer with long and black hair was acting the part of Crow.

Her gaze was even more freezing than that of the first cosplayer. It was like she was born for this part! She was in her own world.

Crow was as cold-blooded as Fox. In order to play this part, the cosplayer had to be extremely cold to everyone as if she was from the North Pole. In her black suit with a tailcoat, she gazed at her fans coldly.

The fans went crazy with excitement seeing her.

She did not say a single word. Every time she was asked by fans to pose for pictures, she just ga

rt enough to understand Andrew's words.

If Andrew fought against the Mu's Group with the backing of the Deng Clan, he could directly attack Charles's capital. But now, he was only using the Nalan's Group's resources, which was more or less equal to the resources of the Mu's Group. If he directly attacked the Mu's Group's finances, the Nalan's Group would take a hit as well.

That was the reason why Andrew hadn't made any big moves yet. He could defeat the Mu's Group with one shot when he needed to.

Meanwhile, Linda bought two books for Little Tomato and Little Potato. The children loved the books very much.

Charles put his arm around Linda's waist. Looking at the crowd around TC Film's booth, he was pleased.

Just then, his phone rang. Looking at the incoming number, Charles knitted his eyebrows.

He picked up the phone. "Hello, Wiseman. What's wrong?"

Charles immediately sensed that Nora's plan must have gone wrong somewhere.

"Boss, it's bad news! Briggs, the general manager of Glory Coal Industry, has been arrested by the police!"

"Shall we bail him out?" Charles asked in a hurry.

"We tried, but the police officer told us that this is a special and high-profile case. Bail is not allowed!"

Charles said something to Wiseman before hanging up the phone.

"Charles, Skyriver Trade Corporation has gotten everything back on track now. I've transferred most of my work to the executive director.

I can go and help Nora. Don't worry. I can handle it," Linda said.

Then, touching Charles's cheek, she added, "Darling, I can help you solve this tough problem!"

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