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   Chapter 1094 Fox

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Of course, on the screen of the venue was the animation film Vicissitudes of Life.

This was the fruition of hard work carefully produced by Rafaela, Fairy, Darcy, and the core group in the past several months.

"Look at that! Some truly mysterious images!" someone shouted. The audience was impressed by the dimly discernible images of Vicissitudes of Life at first glance.

Everyone kept praising it as their eyes took in those intricate art.

"Exactly! Just look at that weapon. I have never seen it before. It's so overbearing."

Hearing the comments of the people around, Charles smiled with pride oozing from his body. In the last few days, the core group worked overtime almost every day just so they could make a remarkable art. Now finally, they were obtaining the fruition of their hard work.

The first step for TC Film to seize market share would start with the ChinaJoy of this year.

Little Tomato and Little Potato, who were sitting on Linda's lap, opened their eyes wide as they saw such shocking images.

They stared at the screen and screamed from time to time.

"Mommy, Daddy made it..." Little Tomato pointed to the screen and then pointed at Charles.

How adorable she was!

"Yes, Daddy made it. Isn't it beautiful?" Linda looked like an understanding wife and a loving mother as she touched Little Tomato's head.

Little Tomato nodded and then turned her gaze once again to the screen.

After the excitement died down, the place became eerily silent. Everyone was busy focusing their attention on the big screen.

It seemed that they were afraid that they would miss some splendid details if they spoke.

Almost everyone present was familiar with the comic and animation, but Vicissitudes of Life had now changed their opinion about animation.

It didn't show the technical ability exaggeratedly like the warm-blooded type nor it had the writing style of low age like the two-dimension type.

What was more, it didn't have the sentimental story as the romantic animation.

The inking style throughout Vicissitudes of Life made the world seem like a dense fog. The sword in the hero's hand was the sharp weapon to separate the fog.

The traditional style of the clothes, the attractive story, and the lamentable end explained the animation's development, which could reach a new height.

Fairy looked at the large screen, with tears brimming in her eyes. This was her dream from the very beginning. She had worked on it with persistence and belief.

When she

of the website and email address.

They all realized it would be exciting to work in such a youthful and vigorous company.

Once they were done, Charles continued, "And now I declare that ChinaJoy of this year has officially started."

As soon as he finished the sentence, the sounds of firecrackers appeared and the spot was boiling. The grand meeting of the animation circle began now.

At this moment, the cheers of the people present were much louder than the music. A deafening cheer would come from time to time.

It seemed like people couldn't hide their elation because screams appeared here and there. It was much more tumultuous than a sports meeting.

After the opening ceremony was over, an animation ocean was before the fans' eyes. Gaylord also shrieked excitedly.

But this was only a speck in a vast ocean named enthusiasm.

In the district of "White Book of A Secluded Tour" belonging to TC Film, several teenage girls stood in front of a silver-haired man with a handsome face, two fox ears, and a furry tail.

This young muscular man was playing the Fox with a costume. It was extremely charming to the onlookers.

The long silver hair was messy and fell in the front, which added some evil charm to it.

"The Fox!" "It's really the Fox!" A girl almost screamed.

"I always dreamt of the Fox! But I was worried it wouldn't be this handsome! Oh my God! This is ethereal! I have never thought that I can see such a handsome Fox!

How unreasonably cute!"

"Ah!" Another girl, who had a camera hung on her neck, shrieked.

Her voice was so loud that if a glass had been placed in front of her, it would have exploded in an instant.

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