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   Chapter 1093 It's So Crowded

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 10077

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At last, Charles paid 10 million dollars for Rafaela.

Once Kevin received the 10 million dollars as liquidated damages for Rafaela's job-hopping, he didn't try to stop her from leaving the company. He thought recouping 10 million dollars in exchange for Rafaela's job-hopping was worth.

Charles was very glad that Rafaela's job-hopping had been successful, but deep down, he sneered at Kevin.

Rafaela was very talented, but Kevin had rashly agreed to let her leave just for the sake of getting a lot of money. Charles thought that at this rate, Decepticons Animation was doomed to go bankrupt sooner or later.

Time passed by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the opening ceremony of the ChinaJoy exhibition.

"Damn it! I got up so late!" Gaylord mumbled to himself as he hurriedly crawled out of bed. He had been so excited last night that he hadn't slept until two o'clock.

He looked at his watch and saw that it was a quarter past nine.

Gaylord had great enthusiasm for animation and was particularly a loyal fan of TC Film Corporation. Before TC Film Corporation was acquired, he had been deeply fascinated by this company's animations.

At the very beginning, he had felt hesitant about whether to attend the opening ceremony of the ChinaJoy exhibition or not.

But when he had heard that TC Film Corporation had gotten the chance to exhibit its animation at the opening ceremony, he had immediately jumped with joy and made up his mind to attend the event.

Now, he got up and rapidly washed up before dashing downstairs. Then, he hailed a taxi and rushed straight to the venue of the opening ceremony.

Hearing Gaylord's loud footsteps on the staircase, his roommates who were not interested in animation involuntarily cursed with great anger, "Why is he running in such a rush as if the earth is going to cave in? Can't he be quieter?"

Since these people weren't interested in animation, they had no idea that a sensational event was going to be held today at the main venue of the ChinaJoy exhibition.

Charles, Linda, and the employees of TC Film Corporation were on their way to the venue.

Darcy lived near the main venue, so he was going there on foot. On his way, he bought several steamed stuffed buns and rushed to the venue while eating.

When he was halfway to the main venue, he found that the street was crowded with people.

They all had eager expressions on their faces. Darcy was quite familiar with crowds like these because he had attended many similar events before.

But today, he saw many people in the crowd wearing the T-shirt that TC Film Corporation had sold online for this event.

This sight made him feel quite excited. Previously, when he had worked on his own, he had always been overwhelmed by a feeling of loneliness. But now, after joining TC Film Corporation, he no longer felt lonely because he had a friendly team and most of the audience were fans of their animations.

Darcy also observed that many people were s

o excited last night that she hadn't slept well. Several people queuing behind this girl started chatting with her.

"Young girl, are you a middle school student? You are fond of animations?"

The girl nodded over and over again in a hurry. She was so excited that her cheeks blushed. Unfolding her coat, she said, "Look!

This is the T-shirt with Himura Kenshin's portrait used in the last ChinaJoy exhibition. It's said that there are no more than five T-shirts of this kind in the world. I left home in the early morning for this event!"

In fact, her extraordinary T-shirt had already been noticed by many people. It was beyond doubt that it was a valuable souvenir and at the cutting-edge of fashion.

The crowd of people standing beside the girl couldn't help exclaiming with admiration and asking their companions, "Hey, hey, how much cash do you have? Do you have enough money on you? I've heard that many souvenirs are available at this opening ceremony. Whatever, I have to buy a T-shirt like this!"

"I think...that's not enough. I want to buy three items!" The person replying to him was expectantly keeping his eyes fixed on the doorway of the venue.

Now, a red rope was pulled and fixed in front of the doorway to stop the crowd of people from entering the venue in disorder.

The people queuing outside were waiting with great anxiety.

They couldn't hear what the people inside the venue were talking about and they were all worried that there wouldn't be enough tickets. In addition, they were not clear whether the souvenirs would only be available in limited quantities. They would be very upset if they couldn't buy any of the souvenirs.

With these worries in mind, one of the people in the crowd couldn't help yelling out loud, "The guys standing at the front, what the hell are you doing? Can't you just move on?

If not, we probably won't have a chance to enter the venue!"

In spite of his loud yelling, his voice wasn't heard at all and attracted no attention.

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