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   Chapter 1092 Will You Pay For It

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The animation industry was a complex industry involving many components, such as drawing, editing, and dubbing. If the dubbing went wrong, the editor could use relevant software and techniques to offset the mistakes through post-editing.

But Rafaela seemed very serious about ChinaJoy. She would not allow any mistakes.

"If this mistake happens again, there are two remedial measures you can take. The first one is a simpler solution.

If your partners forget a part of their lines, you can keep up with them and cut the relevant parts of the original dialogue. The second one is much harder to implement.

You must be flexible to do this. If your partners make a mistake when they read their lines, you should immediately change your lines to make your conversation flow smoothly. But that's difficult," Rafaela said.

In fact, misspeaking was a very common mistake.

However, some talented people could immediately come up with a brilliant idea to strengthen the dialogue.

Of course, Charles didn't expect these voice actors to reach such heights.

After all, they weren't professional voice actors, so it would be unreasonable to ask so much of them.

Hearing Rafaela's words, the shy man nodded. Rafaela said nothing and pressed the record button again.

Then, she gestured for the man to start.

"All of you... will die!" the words rolled off his tongue. But he had a mistake yet again.

The shy man couldn't believe that he had made the same mistake again, so he immediately covered his mouth and looked at Charles with wide-eyed amazement.

"Take it easy. You're feeling upset thinking of the mistake you made. I need you to relax and try again.

I believe that you can do it well," Charles sighed and comforted the man.

Ten minutes later, the recording started again. This time, things went really well.

The shy man's last line was, "I hope I can see you again when I'm back from the dead." Once he said these words, his dialogue was over.

But suddenly, he burst into laughter. It sounded like a huge weight had been lifted off him.

Everyone in the room was surprised at his behavior because he was going off-script.

The man wanted to explain how he was feeling to everyone, but he didn't do that.

Because he was startled to see that the recording equipment was still working.

After his laughter died

vited her to join him.

Rafaela had told him that she would think about it carefully and give him her reply after the dubbing.

It was obvious that Rafaela had had a good time with these people and didn't want to say goodbye to them.

So, Charles wanted to grab this opportunity to make Rafaela stay. Rafaela was in a dilemma.

On one side, she loved working with these people. She wanted to be their new colleague.

On the other side, she had something difficult to talk about. The truth was, she needed to pay a high penalty to leave Decepticons Animation.

And it was more than she could afford.

Rafaela was very quiet for a minute. She didn't know how to describe her ambivalent and complicated feelings.

But Charles waited patiently with a smile.

Darcy, Fairy, and the other team members also gave Rafaela an encouraging nod.

Rafaela slowly raised her head and looked at Charles. "Boss, if I join TC Film Corporation, I need to pay ten million dollars to Decepticons Animation as penalty.

But I can't afford it. Will you pay for it?" she finally asked.

"Of course, I'll pay for all the damage," Charles replied without thinking.

Hearing Charles' words, Rafaela nodded. This time, she was determined to work for Charles. "Rafaela will be coming back!" she said loudly.

Everyone in the room clapped their hands when they found out that Rafaela would be staying with them. They gave a thunderous round of applause to both Rafaela and the completion of Vicissitudes of Life.

Their laughter and cheers echoed around the whole room.

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