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   Chapter 1091 How Did You Do It

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After deciding the main dubbing actor and actress, Charles and the others selected the dubbing artists for several supporting roles.

The girl who could frighten everyone with her scream was unexpectedly selected.

She was chosen to dub for a passer-by appearing in the climax of the drama to shriek.

The players were arranged and everyone started doing their work as soon as possible.

"The main dubbing actor, you didn't speak this dialogue steadily. The effect you gave this time is different from the effect of last time.

You need to practice more."

Rafaela gave directions and then turned to the girl who was going to scream.

"Remember, you're surprised. This is a terrified and curious scream. It shouldn't sound as calm as it did.

Start again!"

The opening ceremony was approaching, and everyone was busy working.

Even the slightest mistake was not allowed. Rafaela's requirement was to be perfect.

Although the sound test ended, the recording mode of the computer was on.

Every time an actor finished dubbing a line, the audio would be replayed to check if there were any flaws compared to the last time.

"I think my voice is trembling. Why?" Fairy asked doubtfully.

"Maybe it was trembling because you were too nervous and couldn't relax your throat.

Try your best to relax next time," Rafaela answered.

Everyone practiced their lines without stopping. The result they got during the last take was beyond everyone's expectation.

None of them made a mistake and everyone passed in one go, perfectly showing the emotions.

Once the dubbing was finished, Charles took the lead in responding with applause. This was the best take so far.

With such a performance, they could end recording in advance.

But after dubbing without a break for half a day, everyone felt tired, so the quality began to slip.

Rafaela and Charles knew that the non-stop dubbing work was making all of them feel tired, so they decided to let them have a rest for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow, everyone would record for the last time.

In fact, with their current progress, the dubbing work of Vicissitudes of Life was almost done.

As long

st needed to try their best to perform bravely and freely and avoid making any mistakes.

Fairy finished her lines and waited for the main actor to speak his lines.

The main actor blurted out, "All of you... will die!"

As soon as he stopped, he looked petrified. All the people around him were also stunned.

He had skipped some of the dialogue. The lines he had spoken were supposed to appear a few seconds later, but he had unexpectedly skipped ahead to them.

The main actor blushed in embarrassment and stuttered, "I... I..."

Charles pressed the stop button quickly and turned to everyone.

"During the previous takes, what did you do when something like this happened?"

"We stopped for a while and then corrected it," a few people answered after thinking about it.

"Yes, it happened once before, but we were practicing, so I didn't tell anyone to stop.

But do you think actors in a play can say sorry to the audience and continue after making a mistake? It will shatter the audience's illusion of being involved in whatever they're watching," said Rafaela

The truth was, mistakes could be accepted.

The computer application saved the recording at regular intervals, so everything they had recorded before the mistake was still there. But Rafaela didn't want to accept the mistake. She wanted the audio to sound natural, which could only happen if it was recorded in one go instead of being edited at a later stage.

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