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   Chapter 1090 Wish Us A Happy Cooperation

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Wiseman hurried to Charles's office. As soon as Charles filled him in with the whole story, Wiseman immediately thought of Andrew and Lenny.

Charles agreed with him on this point.

"I have heard that Lenny brought Holly's son out of prison by bribing the police chief.

Is it true?" Wiseman curiously asked Charles.

"Yes, that's exactly how they saved Ronald," replied Charles flatly. When Wiseman mentioned Ronald, Charles couldn't help frowning.

When he had been at Skyriver Trade Corporation, he was so preoccupied with dealing with Lenny that he didn't pay much attention to Ronald.

And then when Charles had recovered his wits, Ronald had already left.

He wanted to track him down, but deep down he knew it was too late.

"Since Lenny has used such means before, it is no surprise he tried it again," Wiseman said with lines of worry on his face. This was exactly what Charles was worried about as well.

'If Lenny had indeed bribed the economic investigation team, it would be extremely difficult for Briggs to be exculpated!' his mind reasoned.

"Wiseman, I want you to go to Nora's company and investigate if someone from the economic investigation team has any hand in this issue.

Come and tell me about the whole story as soon as you find out the truth!" Charles said with a serious look.

After Charles had given the order, Wiseman set out to do it at once. Charles had planned to visit Nora in person, but he realized he couldn't be absent at this moment.

After all, the opening ceremony of ChinaJoy was to be held in a few days. As one of the key guests, it was his responsibility to make some preparations in advance.

Wiseman had always been his trusted assistant, so Charles felt relieved knowing Wiseman would be working on it.

After Wiseman left, Charles hurried to TC Film Corporation without wasting any time.

When Rafaela got home last night, she pondered over the two contracts given by Charles. She couldn't fall asleep because her thoughts were occupied.

Of course, she understood what Charles had meant. According to the contracts, TC Film Corporation would pay her a monthly salary and the term of her employment was pending. But there was no mention of her temping for the company for a week.

It was obvious that Charles deliberately avoided saying anything about it. His purpose was clear: he wanted her to stay at TC Film Corporation.

Contemplating the wonderful time she had spent with the colleagues of TC Film Corporation last night, Rafaela felt touched.

They had supper together. She had enjoyed the barbecue and drunk beer to her heart's content. They spent the whole night singing and d

d to the computer.

After sitting down, he cleared his throat. Then... He just sat there in a daze!

Three minutes passed, but he showed no sign of speaking. His silence unnerved Charles.

"Are you usually this nervous when you have an audition?" Charles asked him, breaking the stillness.

It was clear that there was a hint of discontent in Charles's tone.

"I'm really sorry," the male colleague said with a look of embarrassment. "I... It is just that I am unable to speak with the lights on..."

'What do you expect us to do? Why are you behaving in this manner?'

Everyone present looked at him with puzzled eyes. They had never seen such an eccentric person.

But Charles nodded in approval. Now Joshua reluctantly stood up and turned off the light. In the still darkness, everyone held their breath, quietly waiting for this colleague to speak.

About ten seconds later, a completely different male voice came from the dubbing room.

It was a deep and slightly magnetic voice. There was a sense of maturity in this voice, like the speaker had experienced a lot in life. But at the same time, the audience could judge from it that the speaker was not very old.

Everyone present was fascinated by the voice.

"That's just what I was looking for!" Rafaela exclaimed excitedly as she stood up. "The voice fits the hero's experiences very well.

At the end of the story, he will go through many vicissitudes but he still sticks to his original goal. So I think this colleague is very suitable for the script!"

The light was on again, and the shy male colleague was still sitting there. Rafaela was so excited that she rushed over to him and gave him a tight hug.

"Thank you, wish us a happy cooperation! I am overjoyed to be working with you!"

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