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   Chapter 1089 I Won't Give Him A Chance

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Earlier, as Charles had told, Nora contacted the boss of Glory Coal Industry, Briggs. And on behalf of Tinfoo Fund, she discussed the cooperation with him.

The purpose was to purchase the core company of the Nalan's Group, Vigor Coal Industry.

Once Charles finished purchasing, they would influence the Nalan's Group's core business and might cut off its capital chain.

Then they would take advantage of the weak point and purchase most of the shares so that they could control the Nalan's Group.

But Nora had some bad news in the store for him. "Briggs seems to be framed!"

On the other side, in the office of the Economic Investigation Team in the Public Security Bureau, Briggs grabbed the securities newspaper of the day with his right hand and wiped the sweat on his forehead with his left hand.

"Sir, I didn't buy the shares in my account."

Briggs' shirt was soaked with sweat. The policeman nodded and shook his head from time to time which made the sweat drip from Briggs' forehead again.

The blood vessels on his neck expanded continuously and his blue veins were on display.

He gritted his teeth and tried his best not to lose his temper.

After passing the newspaper to the policeman, he said firmly and anxiously, "Please have a look. This company's shares will have a big problem.

How can I buy it? Somebody wants to frame me up."

The policeman that Briggs was conversing with was Ferry Shen from the Economic Investigation Team.

He had the reputation of the No.1 policeman of economic crime investigation.

Instead of receiving the newspaper from Briggs' hand, Ferry Shen stood up and turned on the air-conditioner.

Then he walked to Briggs, as if lost in thought. He received the newspaper and went back to his seat.

"But then how did the shares get into your account? By themselves? It's a good news. You have more than two million shares without doing anything!

If the share price goes up, you will become another billionaire in our city."

Ferry Shen smiled and glanced at the nervous Briggs. "Mr. Zhao, Why am I not so lucky? I wish the shares had got into my account instead!" After this, Ferry let out a mocking laugh.

A tall dark-skinned policeman walked up to Ferry Shen and took the newspaper. His eyes then fell on Briggs.

"Are you Briggs Zhao?"

Briggs nodded helplessly.

The dark-skinned p

ake a decision before doing anything. And there was no way he could allow Andrew and Lenny to control him.

At this time, in the Nalan's Group, Lenny was complacent. In the past, he had bribed the police chief and now he could finally see the benefit.

Andrew got the news from the person in charge of Vigor that Glory intended to purchase Vigor.

He knew that Briggs couldn't afford to do that. Since they dared to purchase Vigor, they must have a backup.

And without even racking his brain, he realized Charles was behind this.

So he made a smart plan with Lenny. And Lenny used the relationship with the police chief and got the internal authority of the Economic Investigation Team.

Then they fabricated a charge against Briggs.

"Mr. Deng, your idea is great. You killed somebody with a borrowed knife and didn't leave any blood behind," Lenny flattered Andrew.

Andrew laughed. "Charles is facing enemies from all four directions. I am going to see how he will survive this time."

Lenny rolled his eyes and reminded him, "Charles has fought against me before, so I know very well that he won't give up easily.

Mr. Deng, you should be careful. After all, a cornered beast will do something desperate."

"Do something desperate?" Andrew glanced at Lenny. "I won't give him a chance."

He put the cover on the cup in front of him and then smiled mysteriously.

"I have prepared a gift for Charles. I am looking forward to seeing his expression when he gets the gift."

While saying this, Andrew gazed out of the window with a smile on his face.

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