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   Chapter 1088 It Will Be Finished

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After a long negotiation with Kevin, Charles finally managed to reach an agreement with him. Luckily, they didn't have many grudges between them in the past and Kevin was a short-sighted person.

The arrival of Rafaela brought an abrupt change to the situation. She was a competent woman when it came to strategic planning. As the chief painter of Decepticons Animation, Rafaela had always been the principal leader of the core team.

Of course, the skills shown by Darcy and Fairy were marvelous. In some areas, Rafaela herself admitted she wasn't as good as them.

Yet it was a well-established fact that there was something special about Rafaela. She came to help in this crucial time and managed to do it gracefully. Even the most capable strategic planners took time, but Rafaela required merely a day to get it all done.

Meticulously, she went through and revised Fairy's original design.

Fairy read the final version prepared by Rafaela. She was glad once she realized there weren't many changes in the main structure.

In fact, it was almost the same with a bit of change here and there. Hence Fairy accepted this revised version without any objection.

After Darcy read the final version, his reaction was that of amazement. Rafaela's changes were much more meaningful than his idea and contained a mildness that was lacking in Fairy's original version.

All in all, Rafaela managed to make changes without destroying the essence of the original one. It also met the requirement of the market.

"Rafaela, when I heard people praise you, I was a bit suspicious. But now I am totally convinced!" Darcy spoke highly of Rafaela.

Fairy gave a smile and said, "Thank you, Rafaela!" The reason why Fairy showed her gratitude was because Rafaela didn't eliminate her ideas.

A look of understanding passed between Fairy and Rafaela.

"I haven't felt this way since a long time. Now come on, everyone.

This is an urgent work. Let us finish the rest of it according to the final version I revised!"

Under the lead of Rafaela, both Darcy and Fairy devoted themselves to the last part of the Vicissitudes of Life.

Looking at the busy team in the office, Charles let out a smile.

"Joshua," Charles said to Joshua, "Rafaela's salary should be increased. She should be paid as much as Fairy is being paid.

Without any delay, go and prepare the contract for her. We will pay her for a month's worth work!"

Joshua was surprised hence he asked, "But why? She isn't working for a month! We have only hired her

t the others have a fun night, her smile widened.

The room was silent for a few seconds. Suddenly, Linda asked, "You are sending a signal to her, right?" Her fingers were drawing circles on Charles's chest.

"You know me so well! And yes, Rafaela is smart. It's not necessary to speak much with a smart person. I hope she takes the signal," Charles said.

After this, he was lost deep in thoughts.

"Are you so confident that she will sign the two files?" Linda asked while looking at him with a confused look.

Charles changed his position and hugged his wife again. "She will not sign them now.

But after the work Vicissitudes of Life is finished, she surely will! Just by looking at her, I can tell she is eager to have a peaceful life!"

Charles knew that Rafaela didn't enjoy being an ordinary employee. She didn't like being lent to others frequently.

What TC Film could give her was something she could not have in Decepticons Animation.

If she had any sense, Charles believed she would make the right decision for herself.

"You wanted to show her the good relationship among the team members, didn't you? Is that the reason why you let her and others have a barbecue today?" Linda put forward another question.

"Yes! It is insane how well you know me!" Finishing this sentence, Charles turned around and covered Linda's body closely. The husband and wife loved each other so much.

The next day when Charles came to the headquarters of the Group, he received Nora's call.

"Charles, there is a trouble."

Hearing Nora's tone, Charles realized something must be truly wrong. His eyebrows were knitted tightly as he waited to hear what the problem was.

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