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   Chapter 1087 Three Million

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There were only a few days before the opening ceremony. Vicissitudes of Life came to an end with difficulty. Now an overall planner was most urgently needed in the group.

Fairy could be counted on as an excellent chief technology officer, and Darcy was the creative director. TC Film Corporation needed a central contact to connect the two sides.

Darcy recommended Rafaela. She was the big shot in the animation and television industry and the chief in Decepticons Animation. Charles had met her boss Kevin before. He found him to be a snobbish person.

Kevin looked gentle and always wore a smile. Anyone would be forgiven to think that he was a kind person, whereas Kevin was anything but kind. There was murderous intent behind his smiles. He would use any means necessary to get what he wanted.

It would be no easy task to get Rafaela to leave the company under his control and come to work for Charles in such a short time.

Nor was it any easier to poach Philip from the Alien Entertainment Corporation. Charles had foreseen all of that earlier. If someone wanted to steal Fairy from TC Film now, Charles wouldn't agree to it either.

Although there were more than one employee in an animation company, and every member of the group needed to work hard and had their roles, it didn't mean the key members could be stolen randomly.

They weren't only a guarantee of the quality of the work but also the main competitive power and would never be easily given up.

Charles was prepared to be refused but decided to try anyway.

It was usually the WSS members' job to do that, but time was of the essence and Charles didn't want to get them involved, which would only waste even more time.

So he went to Decepticons Animation himself, which was the most effective and direct way.

Decepticons Animation was located in the Science and Technology Industry Zone near the Mu's Group. One of the branch offices of the Mu's Group was there, so he was familiar with the place.

When Charles entered the Decepticons Animation building, the receptionist greeted him warmly because Charles had ap

let her go, Mr. Wang? Of course, don't worry about the price. I'll never let you down, Mr. Wang."

"Mr. Mu, this joke isn't funny! Rafaela is the chief of our company. How could I possibly lease her to you? What if she exposes our core content? It would cause Decepticons a great loss!" Kevin's smile was gone, and a sneer replaced it.

Charles wasn't anxious and responded casually, "Mr. Wang, you're wrong. I come to rent Rafaela to let her join our core group of Chinajoy. The one that would be at risk of suffering a great loss is nobody but me."

Kevin didn't say anything. He stared at him incredulously and seemed to be waiting for Charles to continue. Seeing Kevin's expression, Charles added, "Mr. Wang, I'll be frank with you. We urgently need more manpower for the project team of the opening ceremony. This was the idea that I came up with. Don't worry about the price. I can reimburse you the amount."

While saying that, Charles stretched out three fingers. "Three million!"

Kevin's eyes lit up with excitement. But he suppressed it and pretended to be uninterested. "Mr. Mu, I think you'd better go back. The value that Rafaela can create in one week is much more than three million. What's more, I don't have an interest in only three million."

However, Charles noticed the excitement in Kevin's eyes a few seconds ago. He wouldn't give up and continued to negotiate with him.

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