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   Chapter 1086 Rafaela, The Artist

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"The reason that Alien Entertainment did this is definitely to prevent Philip from switching companies if he gets a better offer! If Philip wants to switch companies, Alien Entertainment can ask him for a penalty fee. As for how much the penalty is, that's for his company to decide!"

Charles, of course, knew what Wiseman was talking about. He hadn't expected Alien Entertainment to do this, especially just a few days before the opening of ChinaJoy. After working together for a considerable period of time, Darcy and Fairy still had some disagreements. Right now, it was really important for TC Film to have employees like Philip.

So, Charles was not willing to give this opportunity up. However, this new clause would make it hard for Philip to join TC Film Corporation.

Charles sat stroking his chin in deep thought. After a while, he suddenly asked, "Have you contacted Alien Entertainment? How much is the penalty fee?"

Charles wanted to know the exact amount. If he could afford it, he wouldn't mind paying it for Philip. After all, once Philip became a member of TC Film, the profit he would bring would be very high. Charles was confident of that.

"Well..." Hearing Charles's question, Wiseman suddenly became mealy-mouthed about it.

"What's wrong? Is it so difficult to tell me the amount?" Charles asked as he raised his head.

Seeing Wiseman's hesitation and the embarrassed look on his face, Charles could guess the situation. "I guess Alien Entertainment Corporation is asking for an amount beyond imagination, right?"

Hearing Charles's words, Wiseman stopped hesitating and answered, "Yes, you're right. They're asking for 100 million! It's obvious that they just don't want to give Philip up!"

"100 million? Alien Entertainment really has a good appetite!" Hearing the penalty fee amount, Charles became furious. This amount just made one thing obvious—Alien Entertainment would not allow Philip to quit his job.

Philip was a worthwhile talent and Charles could accept paying a penalty fee of 5 million to 10 million for him. But the fee that Alien Entertainment was asking, 100 million, was enough to open a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Having such a contract, Alien Entertainment asked for such a penalty as high as 1

etween Fairy and Darcy. If the core team could come to a compromise by themselves, it would save Charles from a tough situation.

"If we can't have Philip join us, who else can you recommend?"

Charles now had no other choice but to find someone to take Philip's place.

Fairy shook her head, but Charles wasn't disappointed. He hadn't expected to get any clues from her anyway. After all, Fairy was a little autistic and didn't socialize much. So, she didn't have any friends.

Suddenly, Darcy's face lit up. He snapped his fingers and said, "I know someone. Maybe she can help us!"

Hearing Darcy's words, Charles asked in a hurry, "Who is it? Tell me! And where is this person?"

Darcy smiled. "She is Rafaela!"

Hearing the name Rafaela, even Fairy became excited, much to Charles's surprise. "Rafaela?" he echoed.

"That's right, I'm talking about Rafaela! She is an artist who is as famous as Philip. Both her work and her experience are perfect. She can immediately start working if she joins us!"

"So where is she now? How can we find her?" Charles asked in a hurry, seeming to have found a glimmer of hope.

Darcy sighed. "Rafaela is the principal artist at Decepticons Animation now!"

Charles felt his excitement deflate. Poaching a talent from Decepticons Animation was almost as difficult as poaching a talent from Alien Entertainment! He still remembered the appearance of Kevin Wang, the general manager of Decepticons Animation. Charles lost himself in deep thought.

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