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   Chapter 1085 Playing A Trick

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7356

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These past days, Charles had been so busy with the business of the Mu's Group that he hadn't spent time with his family. He felt very guilty about it. Linda had helped him out of trouble when he had purchased Skyriver Trade Corporation. Since then, she had been diligently dealing with the affairs of that company.

No matter how tired she was, Linda never complained to her husband. She always played with Little Potato and Little Tomato when she came home from work every day. It seemed to have become her daily routine.

When Charles returned home, he could see that the light in the bedroom was still on. First, he went to check on his children and found them sound asleep.

The moonlight peeped through the curtains and lit up their little faces. Charles could see the long lashes and rosy cheeks of his two children. The night was so still that they slept very peacefully.

Charles gently tucked them in and kissed them on the forehead. Then he crept out of their room and headed to his bedroom.

Since the light was still on, Charles thought that Linda was still awake. He hoped to have a word with her and tell her how much he appreciated her help and support. However, when he walked into the bedroom, he found Linda fast asleep against the headboard with a Skyriver Trade Corporation document still in her hand.

When Charles saw her like that he was touched. He carefully took the document out of her hand and put it on the table. Then he slowly laid her flat on the bed and tucked her in with the quilt.

He inadvertently brushed her face with his arm, and she woke up.

"Charles? You've come back so early today?" Linda rubbed her tired eyes. "You must be hungry. I'll make you something to eat."

Linda sat up about to go to the kitchen when Charles held her arm to stop her.

"Linda, you've done a lot for Skyriver Trade Corporation these days. I've been so busy with my work that I have had no time to spend with you. I feel terrible about that," he said while he held Linda's hand tightly.

"Don't blame yourself, darling." Linda gently touched his handsome face with her other hand. "I understand you. After all, you're in charge of such a big enterprise and Andrew

s. When his employer needed him to solve some problem, he always arrived at the company ahead of time with a preliminary plan, rather than having his employer waiting anxiously for him in the office.

"Wiseman, you've come so early. When you called me about Philip's trouble on the phone, you said you were still at home," Charles said with a joking tone. Of course, he knew very well that Wiseman was always a responsible and reliable person.

"I'm used to it. If I can't do my work well, then I feel uneasy!" Wiseman said seriously.

Then he followed Charles into the office. Charles took the documents from Wiseman and read through them carefully.

"Why isn't the number of liquidated damages specified in this contract?" Charles frowned.

Charles was holding the labor contract Philip had sighed with Alien Entertainment Corporation. He noticed one of the terms. It read, "As a core staff member of Alien Entertainment Corporation, Philip has signed a long-term contract with the company, willing to serve it for eight years. If he breaks the contract during this period, he will have to pay liquidated damages, the amount of which is to be determined!"

"The amount of liquidated damages is to be determined? It's nonsense!" Charles said indignantly.

Wiseman nodded. "Of course, you're right. Philip most likely signed the labor contract without checking the terms carefully. He didn't expect that Alien Entertainment Corporation would dupe him!"

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