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   Chapter 1084 I Can Accept It

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Once Mr. Zhang was done speaking, the boss of a logistics company, Mr. Li stood up to echo, "Miss Su, you are being modest. You can make money while buying or selling investment securities. That is quite different from us. We are in the traditional business field hence we need business tours every now and then. Even if we work really hard, it only fetches us a little profit."

Nora certainly wouldn't believe his words. "No. Mr. Li, you are the one being modest. Apparently, you are a successful man and must be a great partner of Mr. Zhao."

Briggs waved his hand with a smile. "Come on. Stop flattering each other. Miss Su, have you come here today to help us solve the problem?"

As these words were uttered, all the eyes present began to look at Nora.

Nora smiled and knew she couldn't escape from drinking hence she stood up and raised the cup of tea instead.

"Friends and bosses, thanks for appreciating me. Since I cannot drink alcohol, I will make a toast with a cup of tea. Cheers." And while doing so, she drained the cup in one gulp.

Then the dinner party was started. Briggs, who was sitting next to Nora, whispered to her, "Although I don't normally get involved in the financial industry, I have heard a great deal about you. Everyone praises you highly. I am honored to have this opportunity to cooperate with you. However, Miss Su, I am not solely talking about your fame. It is your talent that captures my interest. In the past few years, Tinfoo Fund has developed and prospered under your management."

Nora kept her countenance and answered, "Mr. Zhao, I am feeling overwhelmed listening to your compliments. Honestly speaking, I don't think I am as good as you make me sound."

"Miss Su, please don't question your capabilities. You deserve all the praises in the world!"

Seeing that it was almost the right time, Nora asked again, "Mr. Zhao, since you trust me, how do you think we should start our cooperation..."

"It is not smart to cooperate with a stranger. And you are aware that this is our first time meeting each other. We are not so familiar with each other. Just hold on. Aha!"

Then Briggs looked up and laughed aloud. "Everyone, just e

uld be more suitable for the atmosphere and the audience's experience.

However, Fairy wouldn't consider that point and was fixated on the subjective analysis. The difference in their opinions put off the process.

As per their plan, Vicissitudes of Life was supposed to be finished by now. This delay revealed the conflict of two major leaders in the core group. Now a third party was urgently needed to make a decision.

Of course Charles couldn't make it. He was not a professional painter, but he could figure out a solution.

The good news Wiseman had told him before was almost confirmed now. Wiseman worked for it in secret for a long time and finally signed an oral contract at a price that satisfied Philip.

"What I need is not an oral contract! I need Philip to work in the core group at once and wrap up all the pending work before the opening ceremony begins," Charles declared to Wiseman seriously.

"But the price Philip offered is unreasonably high. This..." Wiseman also hesitated.

Charles fixed his eyes and said after thinking for a while, "If he really can coagulate the group strength, I can accept a premium of 20 percent!"

Wiseman didn't utter a word; instead, he walked out to handle it.

Charles glanced out of the window. A bright moon was visible in the sky and the quiet night sky seemed peaceful at first glance. But there were surges hidden.

He pinched his nose and packed his stuff before driving back home.

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